Mac Server : Starlit Fjords

Hello everyone!
My name’s Channary and I would love it some people could help me develop this world. All help is appreciated, and most of the people who come to help, I will give them the mod role, as a reward for helping out the starting of this server.
Anyone who wants to help please PM me.

Here’s the info:

Number of online players

Owned By rainiscoming / Channary of the Rain
Port 15256
Staff Applications OPEN

World Info:
Rules: Custom
Portal: Basic

Discord Server:


  • Please don’t use profanity or swearwords.
  • Be respectful to everyone, not just staff
  • Please do not vandalize anyone’s buildings
  • Do not steal or grief
  • Don’t hack or dupe
  • No begging for time crystals
  • Don’t try to get a second starter, they are for new players only.
  • Only fight in the PvP areas. If you are caught fighting out of the PvP areas, you will be kicked.
  • No Littering. If you are caught spamming items and leaving them, you will be INSTANTLY banned. Staff have NO tolerance for this.

You must meet all of these requirements to submit a staff application!

Time in server 2 days
Have no bans, warnings, or kicks. Have not broken any rules.
Have built at least 1 fair-sized building. Have helped welcome players.
05/09/2019 Started server
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I may be wrong, but unfortunately this not a cloud server, right? The title should be changed to mac server


Yeah, I think they got mixed up.

Changed title to reflect it’s a Mac server

May i ask, what type of server is this? Building, exploration, etc?


it is a building server, if you want to help please pm me :smiley:

@WumboJumbo sorry about that!