Mac Server: Survival

Welcome to Survival! Hosted by @Wingysam (previously by @222oreo333), it is a typical survival server (vanilla). Nothing too special, but I would like to see how this server progresses.

Staff List

Owner: JarlPenguin_ (@JarlPenguin)
NickNowhere (@NickNowhere)

  1. Follow @Wingysam’s Mac Server Global rules
  2. Respect other people and their private property.
  3. If you want an ownership sign, you must provide the materials.
  4. Don’t beg to become a mod/admin.

Join Link:

If those don’t work, then here are the IP & Port:
Port: 15288


Join the Discord Server in order to keep in line with all of the announcements.

Staff applications are not open currently.

Hope you all have fun :slight_smile:

Sounds like a bunch of fun!

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Definitely joining! Now!

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On right now :slight_smile:
Edit: rip had to go

I can help with the welcome message.

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Server is up again.

Oof. Updated broken join link.

We now have an official Blockheads wiki page!

Since it seems like Oreo’s free Mac Server service has been put on hold, so has this server. Exp.oof.onomy will remain.

We have moved to @Wingysam’s host.

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