Mac Server: Vanilla of Time

Welcome to Vanilla of Time!


1. Please do not cuss or use any inappropriate or offensive language or images. We just want to keep this server friendly for people of all ages!

2. Do not copy other people’s builds unless they give you permission.

3. Do not grief or destroy builds. It’s rude to destroy what people have worked really hard for. Do not killed named pets or animal inside gates or ponds.

4. Do not pirate TC or hack in any way. This server is part of ROP, and we ban players who hack or steal money from Dave, the developer for the game.

5. Do not duplicate items or discuss glitches or other cheating methods. We like to be a legitimate-playing server here. Duplicating is unfair to those who do play legitimately.

6. Do not spam by sending useless messages or advertise other servers. We have come here to play on this server, not to play on yours or watch you spam a bunch of messages. Link names are considered advertising.

7. Do not ask to be a member of our staff. Just no. Asking will only reduce your chances.

8. Do not date or role play. I only include role playing because it often goes beyond the child-friendly zone.

10. Do not use the generic user picture, choose a unique picture and name. Random strings of letters and numbers are not allowed nor are blank images. No Selfies! Full, partial or altered!

11. Do not share personal information, including but not limited to: full name, address, phone number, picture of yourself, or email. This is for your safety.

12. Type “/code rooles” to prove that you read the rules!

This is a ROP Server

That means that you can be banned from any ROP server for hacking, glitching, or other offenses. Find out more information here.

For now we are only opening it up to vetted players. When we get it more developed, we will open it to the public. For now, reply here or PM me with your IGN if you would like to join. :slight_smile:

Number of online players


Uh, what do you mean?


I just don’t understand what you said.

Whitelisted you. :slight_smile:

I’m going to build a structure for spawn soon, so what spawn looks like now doesn’t really matter.

So, is there any special thematic?
Or is it just a common vanilla server…

There’s really no theme.

But we do have big plans for spawn…

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We now have 144 stacks of limestone! Should just spend time building now…


Dude, how long have you been collecting limestone? ._.
I want to see the spawn when it’s finished tbh.

IGN: <-Prototype->

Several of us mined and donated limestone.

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Done. :slight_smile:


Port 15173

@PorkyTheChop what type of server is this?

Sorry, I assumed it would be obvious from the title. It’s vanilla.

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Oh sorry, brain fart/derp mode
I thought that you meant like the flavor instead for some reason.

I’ll probably save that whole comment since it is funny in some way.

So, is spawn finished?

No. Spawn is gigantic and will take me weeks at least.

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Here’s a discord server for vanilla of time :slight_smile:

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It’s a Mac server, so there really isn’t a “public setting” since you need a link/ip&port to join. Right now it is whitelisted.

Thought I’d give you guys a sneak peak of spawn.