Mac server- Winters Retreat(now open)

Owner- Winter nights

Theme - a colder world with less plants and trees, where things will be spread out.


  1. Don’t be a bully. Be nice to others.
  2. This is a public server so be kid friendly.
  3. Hacking, duping or anything similar isn’t allowed.
  4. Advertising other servers without permission isn’t ok.
    5.keep the server clean.
  5. No spamming or begging.
  6. Stealing or griefing will get you banned.
  7. Asking for admin or mod will get you banned after several warnings.
  8. Please no talking about politics religion and other things that could cause a fight.
  9. Don’t change the settings for the server without asking or you’ll be demoted.

Server details-
Size 1x
Temp colder
Plants less
Trees less

Discord link-

Port- 15260

Number of online players


More to come when?

By the weekend, because I’m the only one working currently.

If ya need any extra help I’m free after 3:30 EST

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Feel free to join the discord I’ll post updates there also
@aj440000 dm me when your able so I can give you the link

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The server is closer to being ready to open. Just have to make some choices on builds if they are needed or not.

Omg THATS so cool I would love to know when that comes out please reply to me back once you release it!


Welcome to the forums, have a cookie :cookie:

This server is now open, come join.

Would you guys like for there to be a store to help with discovering items?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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I made a small discovery store next to spawn and a couple sky islands have been found for those that build in the sky.

There’s a pixel art contest going on now the winner will get a jet pack a stack of fuel and a set of armour of their choosing. The winner will be announced on the 31st of december. Just let me know if your joining.

Should I keep the server open? I’ve been getting very little traffic. These results will be a factor of if I stay in the game.

  • Close the server
  • Keep it open

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@WumboJumbo have you been on my server? And why do you think a server you haven’t been on be closed?

If the server is receiving very little traffic, you shouldn’t bother with it (in my opinion).