Mac Server World: Pixel Perfect (PIXEL ARTISTS NEEDED)

Calling all pixel artists! I have a completely blank slate ready for painting. I created a 1/16 world that with the help of a few trusted players we cleared and filled completely with a marble back wall. My goal: fill the entire world with pixel art. Not one block of sky is to be left unpainted. I have been crafting paint. I have enough for 99 players to get one of every possible colour. I will be whitelisting people tonight once I have finished placing the last few blocks! Spread the word, everyone is welcome!

Owner: 222oreo333
World Size: 1/16
PvP: off
Degrading: off for both clothing and tools (which includes paint)
Death: off
Hunger: off
Health: infinite
Happiness: always happy
(The rest doesn’t really matter :stuck_out_tongue: )

Use this link to join:


  1. You don’t need any blocks or tools, and I will provide you with the paint and jetpacks you need.
  2. Be nice and don’t ruin other people’s pixel art
  3. Do not remove the marble up at the top, it will ruin the hard work we’ve put in over the last 2 weeks
  4. No spam, swearing, dating, hacking, and all that stuff that isn’t allowed on other servers. I won’t tolerate that.
  5. I’ll put some trash cans out for meditation items, if you take stuff that isn’t too smart since you won’t be able to use any of it
  6. Us admins are working hard to remove the stone from the bottom half of the world, but until then we have it blocked off to make it easier for us. Once we finish that will be open to players to paint as well
  7. Use your common sense. If you’re polite and helpful and in general nice to others you will always be welcome here

Your guide to starter kits:

Every person who joins gets a starter kit that looks like this

The coffee, baskets, and stripper are pretty straightforward

Thegreenish circled chest is fuel. If you run out I will give you more

The standard coloured circled chests are your triple mix paint colours. Each chest corresponds to the base colour I used

The pink ish circled chests have your double mix paints

And finally the teal chest has the standard colours

Have fun painting!






@iAmtheNameoftheUser you’re whitelisted. Use the following link to join. I’ll set you up with your items when you spawn in

Oh wow! I was actually planning on making a deer pixelart on another server but I’d be happy to make it here if I could be whitelisted.

@UNIHORSE I’ll whitelist you now. Hopefully you make it on before I go to bed so I can give you your starter kit

Ign: MAAHIL451

@Pikeman you’ve been whitelisted. Use the link above to join :slight_smile:

Im not the best pixel artist, but it would be cool to join. IGNs: ärk, spongewhale.

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Same. I’m not the best pixel artist, but I will bneed happy to join. IGNs are Dichrif, Dichirf 2.0 and Dichrif 3.00.

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ohh baby
just call me Picasso, because I paint stuff that looks weird but you feel like you should appreciate it cause it’s art
IGN: Miir

I’d like to reserve a parcel that’s 58x131. Is that too big?

Can i be white listed HAILEYJOYCHANNEL is my ign

I’d like to be whitelisted, I found some pixel art that I wanted to make earlier already, and I think they’d be really nice in this world.
IGN: 24lovefancy

Okay. @Joe that’s totally fine, you can reserve that space whenever, just grab a kit and surround it in paint and that will signify it’s your space.

@EpicGamer101 and @Ark1 you won’t need more than 1 account for this world, so pick one of your igns and I’ll whitelist that for you

@You_just @nothingwhatsoever @agentpinkdog @24lovefancy you guys have all been whitelisted. I’ll have your kits ready when you come on

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Thanks! Will be excited to join :smiley: and you say Jetpack fuel consumption is turned off?

You can’t turn that off, but there’s a chest of fuel in the starter kit. And if you need more I will give it to you but that should last you a while

Ok, My IGN ‘ärk’ would be fine, Thank you.

Alrighty you’re whitelisted

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Just a reminder folks: this is a Mac server. You are NOT limited to using your cloud account name(s). You can use any name you wish, so long as you’re the first one to request it.

What’s the world name? I searched “pixel perfect” but got nothing.