Mac server


There are some mac server questions i need to ask before i ask oreo or wnigy to make one:
Do mac servers have thier own link
Can we make a bot on a mac server
If we are playing on cloud vanilla/survival rules and we have something in pc will it come in mac vanilla/survival rules

Now this is not realated to mac server but of threads:
How to make a server thread in which ppl insert small topics?


Yes they have owned link same to the cloud world. And the link for mac worlds was easier than typing what’s server IP/URL and server port a lot of progressions.

Making messagebot on in mac world I don’t know

Yes what cloud world can set when creating a world same with mac but you have to say what setting you want for your mac server.

And about the cloud and mac they are same category from Multiplayer you could just type at the title from the beginning if your server “Cloud World:” or “Mac World”


Do ya know how to do the mini topics thing like in sunset moon thread giants and building competaion thread?


Those are called tags.


Ohh tags sorry I didn’t know.


MessageBots on Mac Servers is a work in progress stated on the thread.


It’s okay! :thumbsup: