Mac servers hosting

hey guys, macserver production is becoming a little bit clogged up, but im working on a website for mac servers from me. its not online yet ,but you can still put in a reservation!
pm me this information:
world name
world size
custom \ vanila

custom rules:
everything low?
everything middle?
everything top?

sorry about low custom chose.

please dont swear,hack or be inappropriate otherwise you server will be deleted!!!

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I might apply if I’m not busy.

Hi guys, my old computer needed a few startup repairs and I hope it is going to be working. On Monday I’m planning to test out my first server.

Edit:Working on a forums for it because I don’t want the discussion of it to leak out of this thread. made with

Okay guys, the website is nearly done. My first server will be called ‘Testers’ and I hope it works!

CcMade a forums! Join and see what you think!
Edit: new link

The forum is confusing me. I’ll work it out though

Can guess discourse was expensive. :confused:

76.5£ (2018) or $100 for us for a basic pack per month.