Mac sever on a pc


I was wanting to make a Mac server
Problem: I don’t have a Mac
Is there any way I could run a Mac server on Linux or windows?


No, sadly you can’t host mac servers on Windows or Linux, but you can always tell Oreo or Wingy for free mac servers!


Ok thank you


You could go to, though I’m not sure how laggy it would be, and it costs money.


Your welcome!


You can technically run a Mac server on a PC - but it is a major pain to set up. You have to set up a Mac Virtual Machine and set up the Internet connection settings to bridged mode so it is accessible.


According to @wingysam that violate’s Apple’'s EULA.


Yes, it does. However, I’m not too worried about that. It’s a decision you have to make for yourself, but you can’t get in trouble for violating the EULA unless:

  • You caused monetary harm.
  • Apple knows you caused harm.
  • Apple can prove that you cost them $X.


Ah phew. I use a macOS VM…