(Mac wolrd) the Cats Kingdom 1

So I need re port this thank to someone​:rage:thay keep flagging my post but thay was not even telling about the the cats kingdom posts now let tell about the cats kingdom so the cats kingdom going slow it will be out soo … if my staff member do what I ask for my staff member to do :joy::joy: I also going make a discord sever for it the name for the cats king come form me loveing cats and kingdoms that all I get to say

what you think I should add to spwn? And do it look cool how it is Rn? Let hope my staff member do what I ask soon so I can have a move on and keep building to get it all done :joy::joy::joy:

(Update 10:41 pm 25/9) so we have a little bit error issues something happened so we get a roll back but he roll back but bug out the thing so I can’t get on but it fix and everything so be moveing on now we will get this sever out soon I hope :slight_smile:

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