So before, I had a server that wasn’t necessarily connected to the public up address but now that I got everything figured out I am officially announcing that these servers are up for the time being to anyone interested.


Details: Hardcore Vanilla Survival
World 16x
No Custom Rules

For this server I decided to introduce an official hardcore feel, as players must grind to get what they need, with this I tried looking for dedicated hardcore servers from the cloud but got some that were badly managed and/or overly built on, so instead what I decided to do is give the starting area a post apocalyptic feel but really just a shack that you start in and open space beyond it, more of the tech stuff is in the sky that you take an elevator to but More so I wanted to make hardcore servers relevant again, join if you want to grind your way to the top of the food chain with others today!!



-No ASKING FOR ADMIN (and I can not stress it enough) trying to bribe any admin to make you admin will result in a ban and un-admin to whoever made you one

-No asking for items
-No cheating (which is obvious)
-No PVP until you exit the safe zone
-Raiding other people’s house that do not have ownership signs is permitted
-Cursing is not permitted and can lead to a ban if already warned
-Killing other players outside of the safe zone is permitted
-If you have read these rules say Killem
-Railroads and trains are forbidden, anyone using them will be banned

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One thread per world and one world per thread. I have edited the title to be the world name.

If you could also include the rules in the first post that would be great :slight_smile:

Ooooooo! I love hardcore servers!

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Oh cool a self-hosted world! I haven’t seen a mac world that I don’t host in a while :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll try joining in a moment.