Mac World join link not working


I have created a Mac world using my macbook. I was able to join using my iPad, but my friend who lives in the same city but not the same house could not join. Does anyone know why this happens? Can you help me fix this issue?


Have you set up port forwarding on your router? In cases where this happens, a port forwarding issue is almost always the culprit.


What exactly is port forwarding?


Yeah, what does it mean?


When hosting a server on your Macintosh I’m assuming the computer has to be connected to the Internet and running 24/7? That is a lot of electricity. Seems like the $3 per month fee is cheaper.


@FreewayKiller: perhaps. I do graphic design by trade, so my iMac is usually running pretty close to 24/7 anyway. Yes, the Blockheads Server app does need to be running, but it can function normally by running in the background.

So for me, it might cost a few pennies a day more than if I didnt have the app running in the background, but it’s still pretty negligible.


It’s connected to the internet.


Good to know. The added work of setting this thing up and electricity doesn’t seem worth it to me. $36 a year is a bargain.


Free publicity on cloud servers too, Mac worlds you have to market yourself, no search or random functionalities.


I can see a benifit to that. Like a semi whitelist. Anyway was just curious.


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