Mac world: Survival game


Because the owner says so.


Riding a blue unicorn :smiley:


Survival game is about to roleplay too!


Look, I am really tired about this, I want everyone to earn money and buy areas and then build a house on it, That’s it, what I wanted.
People are really greedy, a person joined, I gave him 4 unicorns, I gave him mod and he leaves, the next day he came back and he asked for admin.
Then another person joined a few moments later, the same thing happened.
The first person built a house near the spawn when no one was there. :mad: Oh wow, even that’s the only rule I have in my server.
I keep trying to breed and tame rainbow unicorns, because I want to have enough rainbow unicorns to give each person who joins my server and I hope them to stay.


You just have to expect that. If you don’t feel comfortable with other players joining while you’re offline - set it to private.

This way people who previously joined your world can join back, but new players can’t join. But it all depends on you.


That’s way too easy.


thats kinda hard


Now we give tamed rainbow unicorns for free!
Join now!


I just tried to join but it said the server was out of credit :confused:


Nvm I got it to work


That diamond tree looked like it died.


is your server a active server?




Server map!

•Sans pixel art made by Choco chips.
•Doge made by Mjiau.
•Gaster made by Green slime.
•Elevators( It’s really important!) by Criminal Pigeon.
•Amethyst park/Green pick bridge by Mattrick.


I am making a unicorn obstacle! I will finish it this week, I promise!
Because of my inactivity, Survival game is inactive.
I believe that a server NEEDS the owner to keep it active.
I didn’t join lately because;
•I am learning how to make a Roblox game.
•How to animate with Blender.


I am watching a lot of tutorials on YouTube and my mom wouldn’t even let me watch them ’cause she thinks that I am playing games.
When I show her the video and she says that is about games and it is a game. :question:

•Making a visual novel (Which I think that I am going to give up) I just finished a chapter of it, if you guys wanna play…

Visual novel

My mom thinks that I am a 5 years old kid, she wouldn’t let me watch anime.
’cause they’re mostly horror and not appropriate for children?
My mom doesn’t know anything about this, about me learning to code or animating.
She wants me to be studying school subjects, that’s all.
I want to make money using the Internet.


Things that I hate

Ehhh I don’t have any friends, I can say nothing in one day. I always go to the library to study.
Every time I get a nice mark like 9 or 8, my parents just rage because they want me to get a 10 every time. Sometimes I just don’t tell it.
And they never asks about my marks, that makes me glad.
Oh, and when I tell them what I want to be in the future (A stewardess lol, animator or game creator) they just give me negative point about me and them.
I believe that I am the BEST with English in my school! I am just being positive, not like those PINK GIRLS who have so many friends and says that they’re bad at everything.
I have the confidence in everything!
I walk to school like 30 min in total a day.
I wake up alone, I make my breakfast MYSELF.
Mom’s all day at home and tells me lazy ’cause I didn’t tidy my room (I REALLY WANT A ROOM FOR MY SELF INSTEAD OF SHARING THE ROOM WITH MY SIS)


:0 if ur parents rage about u getting a 9
ask them what scores they got


I got another idea!

  • Just build the unicorn obstacle
  • Build a PUBG arena

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Join the discord server!

Anyone can participate the unicorn obstacle!
This obstacle is designed only for normal unicorns! Please do not ride on a rainbow unicorn.

Join now!


can u give information about unicorn obstacles


Lovely blue!