Mac world: The cats kingdom 1

So I have a Mac wolrd and I think I going open it soon I be working on it for s bit now :+1:t2: And it looking good but I need you help (;

what you think I should add? OWO

(Update) I need YOUR help today to build a train :train2: if you what to help pm me (you get admin and shutout and get golden sing In a building with you name off the ppl helping :pray:


I don’t know what you should add to your world, but the forum post needs a few things. For one, it needs to have your rules. Next you’ll want to tell us what the type of world, (ex, vanilla, expert, PvP etc.)

You should also specify that it’s a Mac server in the title.

@DOG_LOVER (1) I am still working on the rules… and (2) it still under construction :construction: I am trying my best and also LOL @milla can fix the name but not replay me in pivotal chat no more :joy:

I thought your PM was a joke. I’ll reply now.


Why is it hurtful to be though to be kidding? You made an outlandish request. It was a normal reaction.

I’ve replied to your PM twice saying I can’t help with the other thing until you PM me your support ID, and not got the PM with your support ID. If you don’t reply to those with your support ID I might get really hurt :wink:

(1) the rule will be in the sever but it not open yet and ye

@mrWalter99 but the forums thread is also supposed to have the rules

@agentpinkdog It still not open:-: I will show more and more as it come closeder to being open but for now you can only see the phote (;

@milla help? I am allow to not put THE Rule off my sever here? @agentpinkdog say I need to but I not think I need to like the rule be in the god dam sever

The rule about including the rules in the original post of the world thread has been there since before I started working for Dave more than five years ago. It’s there so that people opening the thread have all the information they need to decide whether they want to join that world or not.


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So I need re port this thank to someone​:rage:thay keep flagging my post but thay was not even telling about the the cats kingdom posts now let tell about the cats kingdom so the cats kingdom going slow it will be out soo … if my staff member do what I ask for my staff member to do :joy::joy: I also going make a discord sever for it the name for the cats king come form me loveing cats and kingdoms that all I get to say

what you think I should add to spwn? And do it look cool how it is Rn? Let hope my staff member do what I ask soon so I can have a move on and keep building to get it all done :joy::joy::joy:

(Note off you post is off topic and get nothing to do with the mac sever/ the cats kingdom it will be flag and remove)

Wait, what?

Cool server although can we get the rules ?

I not going put the rules yet it not going be open for a long time and we doing the buildings rn OWO

Oh ok