MacHeads, the Mac Server List

Mac Servers are obviously going to grow in 1.7 with the removal of video run servers. Only question is, where are you going to find them?
Oh sure, you could go on forums, or as a friend. But what if there was a way to find servers, all Kid-friendly!

Introducing the Mac Server List!!

I’ve been hinting at this for a while, and have finally managed to finish it.
Except, it currently has 0 servers on it!
So be the first to submit a server today!

Much inspiration for this came from RedEagle’s Cloud Server List


Is it possible to add a server that will be up in the future?

I doubt it.

Uhhhhh… It won’t let me submit it, it says my email / forums name is incorrect no matter what I put

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If you’d mind sending some screenshots. They’d help me fix the problem. Thanks!

@SomeRandomUser screenshot wouldn’t rlly help as it dosent say anything, whenever I push the submit button the email / forums name thing turns red and nothing happens


My bad I’ll have it fixed :3

Edit: I fixed the name/email. Long story short I made it Email only. Thanks for the wait!