Majic Mode Wishlist

The Blockheads is on the realistic side mixed with fantasy elements, so what if there were separate modes for both?

Making benches is very different in this mode. Instead of making a workbench from a dirt block, you make crafting wand from one stick. You don’t actually craft things with the wand, you click on a block, and it’ll turn into a bench depending on which block it is. For example, if you click on a natural log, it’ll turn into a woodworks bench. But benches higher than the basic level have requirements to activate, such as being set on fire, having certain plants planted on the bench, being touched by a specific animal, etc. This is also how you upgrade benches, and it doesn’t require traditional upgrading.

Everything is powered by mana. In early game, you can get liquid mana from killing glow worms which crawl on the surface. Later in the game, you can fight enemies, then refine their drops in a soulfire. In late game, you’ll have to find wisp nests in shining trees, then farm them and refine them using a alchemist’s bench. In early game, mana is used to power every bench that has magical properties, and in late, game, you use it to fuel a crystal conduit, which powers all the nearby benches.

Each tool has two rankings: the material it’s made out of, and the geode it’s encrusted with. Geodes are rarer than metal, but it only requires one to encrust a tool. Geodes come in ore form and look like gems, but round and not glowing. A tool encrusted with the worst geode is basic, but one encrusted with the best geode is twice as good. The worst geode can be found the dirt, the rest in stone. The higher the rank of the geode, the rarer stone it’s found in. Armor also requires encrusting.

Carbon fiber is replaced with hard wood. Hard wood grows underground, and is mined instead of chopped down, but it gives you hardwood chunks instead of hardwood blocks. Using a heavy woodworks bench, you can make it into hard wood pulp and hard wood planks. Then using the armor bench, you can make a set of armor as good as carbon fiber. Hard wood has a brown trunk with the texture of gem trees, but with horizontal stripes instead of diagonal ones. The leaves look like dead cherry leaves, but brown. The leave don’t give anything when harvested. Hard wood blocks can be made from hard wood planks.

This is majic mode, is there has to be staffs. Staffs are made out of every material, including hardwood. The stronger the material, the more powerful the staff, and the more powerful gem it requires. Staffs are modified with an item instead of a geode, and can gain a power depending on the item. For example, an ice block would make it freeze enemies for a few seconds, but an ice torch makes it freeze longer.

The main enemy in majic mode would be litches. Now and then, a plant or leaf block will turn black give off a dim fire effect, but it won’t burn. These are litch portals, they spawn litches. The portals can be killed like an enemy, but they have very high health. Litches have texture similar to basalt but matte, and the white spots are replaced with dark spots; they have an ash-like texture. Their eyes looks like embers and glow like dropbear eyes, but with a orange around the edge. Litches will collapse into a pile of ash during daytime, but the ash counts as an enemy, thus it can be destroyed. The litch portal is invisible during daytime, but you can still attack it.

Instead of fur, there’s silk. Silk can be found by killing silkworms, which move through the dirt. You can see the silkworms in the dirt like ore, and if you break the block they’re in, they’ll repeatedly attack you until you’ve died, or gone far enough away. Compost spawns silkworms faster. Silk can also be combined with mana and platinum to make wizard clothing, which has little protection, but significantly increases the effect of staffs.

The sky has an enemy too. It’s the dragon. But they don’t look like the dragons from fantasy books; they look like flying squirrels with scales and a alligator head. They can’t fly, but they jump quickly from island to island, breathing fire on any blockheads. Dragons are three blocks tall and wide. They’re scales are a mix or the color of grass, and the color of limestone. Each scale takes up 3x3 pixels.

Some times there’ll be huge underground troves of treasure guarded by a Hijra sitting on a ice bonfire. The Hijra only has one head, but it’s torso is five blocks wide and three blocks tall. The neck is just as long, but only one block wide. It’ll breath ice on the blockhead, then jab at them while they’re frozen. Hijra have scales that take up 7x7 pixel each, and are light blue like cave trolls, but with a much different texture.

There’s no jetpacks, so instead you’ll have to craft wings. Wings require three frames made out of titanium and hard wood, and lots of crystal feathers, made from every gem in the game. When equipped, it’s shiny blue with feather patterns.

To replace trains, there are chariots. They require steel, wood, and an caged animal. The more rare the animal, the faster the chariot. However, you need to feed the animal, or else it’ll fall asleep until fed again. A chariot is the same size as a train, except it’s square, but at the front, there’s a curved opening. The very bottom is made completely out of steel, but the area above that has steel decorations.

There’s no elevators, so instead there’s gravity pads. You place a pad at either side, and line the space in between with shafts, which resemble iron cages.

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They should be called “squirrel alligators” or something like that. :lol:

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