Make a setting while using paint to paint the whole block


Recently while making something relatively large, I thought that there should be an option to paint all 5 sides of a block at once. This would be a temporary button a little left of the top-right corner that would be switchable.

Seriously though, we need this. After thinking of the time it took to make and paint, I realized it took me 45 minutes to an hour to paint all the extra sides, it really annoyed me to be honest.

Overall, please add this, I despise wasting time painting every single side.

Do any suggestions go through?+ the Suggestion shoutout thread

This is needed, I agree.


I assume it would use more paint per use that way, but I love how much easier painting would be!

I think there should also be an option toggle specific sides you want to paint. Say, if you only want to paint the sides and not the top, things like that. This, of course, would use less paint than a full block paint-fill.


I love that addition, it would probably help with multiple as well.


Maybe adding bigger paint containers could help too.


I think a paint window could appear showing five squares (left, right, top, bottom and middle) and one more that says ‘paint all’. As long as your block head can physically reach that block this paint option pops up. Tap all squares to be coloured, tap outside the window and all sides selected are instantly painted. Also any side covered by another block simply will have an X in its square.

This also lowers the need to paint a block on one side then travel to paint the other side. I imagine it would be great for creative builds that need painting, which are either very long or very tall.


Might depend on the block, but last I checked (half an hour ago) you could paint the other side of a block even if access to it would be theoretically restricted.


Ah, you mean from a diagonal position?

Kind of like before one of the updates, you could place a block through two blocks placed diagonally from each other? But with paints instead? I don’t remember if I have tried that yet.