Make every blockheads warping requirements for fruits different for each player


I think for more of a challenge blockheads required fruits to warp should be random for all meaning you won’t really know what it will be.


Wait, is it not already?


You literally posted in the thread in which legoboy reported this two minutes before you made the reply I’m replying to.


Neat idea, but one issue.

Here’s a scenario- A player enters a new world, ready to explore, they’re in a very cold location and they want another blockhead, unfortunately, they need 5 coffee cherries.

What I mean is this, this could screw over some players.


Think maybe add in a system to detect temp and climate and allow fruits based on those and don’t allow those that are not based on the climate unless meditated.


Uh, what?


Yes, it is. I’m confused by this suggestion.


Related to this I believe


I think maybe it should be a custom option to make them random.

Maybe also for expert.