Make placing track a full block tap


This would probably make sense a little, make the track placement a full block rather then on the floor.

And also make it so you can place it on trees and plants and animals without having to punch them.

Do any suggestions go through?+ the Suggestion shoutout thread

What is the purpose of this idea?

And you want to place tracks on animals?


i don’t mean having to place tracks on animals, i mean placing them so you don’t need to kill them


Oh, so if they’re in the way they will be ignored? That makes more sense. Thanks for explaining.

But what does having the track be a block change about how it works today?


I like your suggestion :slight_smile: I think it would be easier if you could just tap on the whole block to place them because for me it‘s always a struggle to place rails :smile:


@jemnidad, I think he means that instead of selecting the top of the block to place track… you can just tap the block and it will place it on top.

I will admit that this would be much easier. :+1: … though a bit more tricky when placing on top of columns. Would like this capability for blocks only.


I’m confused because that’s how it works already does it not? Unless the block has a plant on it, or water. Then u can force it by tapping the top of the block, but normally I just tap the entire space.



(@Lord-Hyness feel free to add this to the OP)


You’re still placing it on the ground…


This would make life so much easier it’s harder to just press the top


When are you pressing just the top?

Good picture GGB, but I’m able to achieve the Current image by pressing the whole square where I want the track. So I’m still confused.


That’s what happens if I press the whole block it tries to remove the block even if I wanna place a rail not remove the block


This would make life much easier. Both placing and removing!

Although it would still make sense to hit animals since one can’t realistically place a rail at where an animal is standing.


@jemnidad, if you don’t select top and just select the block, you will break the block (whether or not you are holding a rail), as agentpink says.

Though I don’t doubt that you may have some mystical rail powers that the rest of us Normal players don’t possess. #bhSuperpower


I just select the space above the block where I want to place the rails. Essentially I see it as placing a rail on the ground in the space I tap. If there isn’t a block underneath, it will stick it to an adjacent block. Is this not how everyone else does it? Did Dave give me alone the majic track laying powers?

In @agentpinkdog, I just select the space above where the hand is. No muss, no fuss. The rail just needs something to anchor to, which in that case would be the block where the hand is.

The only time I have to actually select the top surface precisely is when something else occupies that space like a tree, or a plant, or water. If that’s what @Lord-Hyness is suggesting, that seems like a different suggestion. Or if Legoboy is suggesting that you tap the block where the hand is, and it places the rail on top, that’s also a bit different because the rail is actually going into the adjacent space above that block.


Nope… not how that happens for me. If I just click the space, it makes my blockhead move there.



How is this possible? Stupid question, but you’re sure you have selected the rail track in your hand to place, right?

How does it work for you, if there is no block under where you want to place a rail? For me, it will anchor in on the side block. Do you have to select the side face of the adjacent block?


You have to click sort of above the block but not too high that it moves you. This can be tedious, therefore what (I think) Lord here is saying is that the placement method should be adjusted, but not the function or how it looks like itself.

(EDIT: Did not realize 11 days later)