Make the helmets for diving

I heard that I can make an astronaut/oxygen helmet at a level 4 craft bench,but I can’t find “Diving helmet” option at the craft bench.


That doesn’t exist. Somebody likely lied to you.


Welcome to the community @Taiwanese how long have you been playing for?
This would be sooooooo cool! I have actually wondered about this. Probably there would need to be two different helmets, one for diving, and one for space. This is because the pressure would be totally opposite. Also a wetsuit (Shark proof of course), flippers, snorkel, dive tank, astronaut suit, and other items would be a super cool addition.


I heard that the owner abondon the game a long time ago due to bankcrupt as u can dupe time crystals, is that true or no?

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That’s not entirely true.

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Well, I could’ve sworn that somebody (a long time ago) said he almost went bankrupt, but don’t take my word for that. Maybe it had more to do with debt than bankruptcy… :thinking:

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I don’t remember.

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I have played it for five years.

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Well, let’s not call them out.

Why would a friend lie to them? That’d be odd.

Unless it comes from us it’s probably made up. I say this a lot.


anybody has a reason to lie, people have that built into em i swear

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