Making a great HTML page for 1.5.1 servers! And above


Hey guys - for those of you who have successfully made some pretty good HTML code, could you post a screen shot of what your Welcome Screen’s look like? I think it will inspire the rest of us to improve our Cloud Server Welcome pages.

(Ulterior Motive: I need ideas)



There’s some, the text is animated from cooltext but doesn’t work in screenshots sadly

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Wow that is very very cool. I’ve simply got to figure this out. Too bad I can’t play around with it from work. (Cloud servers are somehow blocked by our firewall)


I am working on my server :slight_smile: I am terrible at HTML, but I want to try and make it look somewhat decent XD


I made an AMAZING discovery for this!!!

In chrome, press CTRL+U (Cmd+U on Mac) and you’ll get the HTML page of that website. Copy/Paste that into your email, then into your server and you get this!:


If you use it with mobile site I imagine it looks better; it even changes the look of the welcome message border!!!


Can’t wait for image :stuck_out_tongue:


Image posted :smiley: it works with any website, but if a site has CSS upscaling it’ll remove it

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Oh, I knew how to so that but differently using the HTML editor that’s next to cool text in your OP, you use the “Iframe” option and it frames any website to the HTML page


I tried this but it didn’t work. What way do you do it?

Now at least there’s the easy, add in your website option as well as the intermediate use above and tricky learn HTML


I see the welcome page you made for LoO (Land of Omicron)'s plebios it’s an amazing job! How did you make it? :3


Same instructions I had above+images cricket had already made for the Plebeius Website, thanks!

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How do you add images?


Press the image that looks like a picture frame then add in the image URL (right click-copy URL)

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I don’t see that as an option on the cloud server welcome page.


I’m doing it on and pasting it into the cloud server page

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Oh I see. Thanks!


Is there anyway to edit the background color of the page / add an image to the background?
Is there a way to dirt the bottom message that pops up on every server?

  1. I’m trying to figure that out, hopefully I can get it soon
  2. That probably won’t ever be possible


I found out its possible with ifunbox but it’s only for you not everyone else, but then again ifunbox doesn’t let you change things from the .app directory so yea it’s never gonna be possible :stuck_out_tongue: :c


I’m trying to learn HTML just so I can make better welcome pages , it’s quite fun seeing a beautifully done welcome page :slight_smile: I love the addition of welcome messages :3
Hopefully More things will be supported I the future , like embedded YouTube videos etc.