Making a great HTML page for 1.5.1 servers! And above


That would be cool! Except we need welcome messages to actually even work on android yet…I get a blank screen with a done button most of the time on my phone.

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Does it load if you wait?
These are just some of the reasons, why i always prefer apple…


No, and it’s not anything to do with the operating system afaik. HTML usually displays just as well.

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who ever made the plebious welcome page knows how to put an image in back of text maybe he/she knows how to change the background of welcome messages


That was me, I’m trying to figure out how to change the background. It worked before with the HTML website trick but that required inserting the entire website. So there’s some lines in the code somewhere that would work.

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Oh i see, Well i hope someone can find out soon, im trying to find out how too, if i do ill more than likely post it here asap :slight_smile:
700 post woooo


I might have just found it…I’ll post it soon after I test it

Edit: No :frowning: I tried using a <body> tag to do it but it did nothing


:frowning: i tried over 4 different HTML’s yesterday and none worked

EDIT: I tried this and it didnt work, am i doing something wrong? Or is it just not supported?


Have you found out how?
If not can you post how to do it with a website?


Still found nothing sadly, it’s possible but tricky…


:frowning: I hope one of us finds it soon


I know how to do it in standard HTML but I’m not sure it’s full compatible with the app. Are external script tags available to use?


Most HTML tags seem to work with the app, can you test it or post the code here for someone else to test?


I still haven’t found ANYTHING have any of you found it?


Callum… found something cool with this and PMed me it, read the post above for more.

@calumon I think the thing Callum… PMed me might help with it!

This could’ve been what we were looking for and I never noticed…testing this later, thanks!

Edit: This does the same as the Ctrl+U trick but in a much simpler and less laggy/less ugly way! I’ll update the guide again later once I get back to my iPad, thanks for this!
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It works for me!


Yeah :smiley: I think this’ll mean we can now add the forums page of our servers in, instead of writing up a long HTML page. I’m going to update this thread soon :slight_smile:

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Yup! :3


There is a chance that the code below will change the background:

You need to change the 000000 to a HEX Code, you can use the link in my first post. If this works I’ll edit the first post.

Edit: No, didn’t work :frowning:


:(! Also , can you add all the pop up variants under pop up, it’s useful for people with different tastes, this is a very helpful sticky thread :slight_smile: