Making a great HTML page for 1.5.1 servers! And above


How did he get a hold of that


I used this thing called Marquee which gives you the HTML code to make a scrolling banner across the welcome message. It looks AWESOME!



In web design circles it is considered incredibly tacky. It was big back in the days of Geocities. The blink tag is similarly despised :slight_smile:

Now that Geocities finally died there is some nostalgia about it though, though only satirically:


:slight_smile: Same. Now we have all these dropdown menus with weird animations, everyone seems to forget about poor marquee. I admit it lags, though.

This is a really good link!!! Must try :slight_smile:


Oooooh, that’s a super cool link! Thanks Paiges!


Thx! For the link!


Does that mean I can just say: “This heading was created with Cooltext” in my thread?


You should check their EULA. They may want a link to their site, as well as credit.


If you create a text/logo with cooltext then you get a link you can copy and paste to your welcome page…that link also includes a paragraph with their website info/link so you don’t have to write anything yourself. :slight_smile:


Ok, and the same applies if I would copy and paste it to my world thread I guess.

#113 is a really good website for making a super cool welcome message


Ok, I created a logo now.
But when I try to put it on the welcome page, it doesn’t show the logo, but the heading in normal font with a link and codes following.
When I try to put it in the world thread, it just shows the codes.


Have you uploaded the image to an online server, such as Imgur or Imageshack?


So is there an extra step between copying the html-codes and pasting them into the welcome page?


When I was a web designer, back in the day, I used to edit my HTML in a text editor, like Windows Notepad, and paste it into the live HTML file once I was happy with it.

If you compose a welcome screen on your computer and mail it or otherwise send it to your mobile device you can then copy and paste it into the welcome screen editor.


You were a web designer?


And how do you add a cooltext image into the world thread? I just can’t get it to work.

Edit: I finally figured it out, problem solved.


Back in the 90s/early 00s, yes. I had no desire to become a developer, however, so I got out while the getting was good.


Does this work on paintings, custom for server logos like Crazy Server and -LK- Cheddar Cave?