Making a great HTML page for 1.5.1 servers! And above


Does this work on paintings, custom for server logos like Crazy Server and -LK- Cheddar Cave?


HTML editors take all the fun out of coding a welcome page. Coding is a dying art D:

Here is a brilliant way to prevent people who don’t follow server rules from joining:

At the top of the welcome page put:

<!-- START JAVASCRIPT SECTION --> <script type="text/javascript">
var fail = function() { // create the function first
while (true) { // begin infinite loop
alert("I warned you! Now you have to restart the game >:)"); // display evil message
}; end infinite loop
}; end function
</script> <!-- END JAVASCRIPT SECTION -->
<input type=button value="DON'T PRESS ME!" onClick="fail()" />
<!--   ^create button  ^button text          ^when clicked, start the function -->

Yes, I know I’m using the old code for a button, but whatever.


Hm, what does that do?

And I think coding is pretty fun, but I dunno, I haven’t done anything very difficult yet…


That code will create a button labeled “DO NOT PRESS!” Clicking it will make a popup saying “I warned you! Now you have to restart your game!” Closing the popup will cause another one to appear immediately. I don’t know what Android is like, but on iOS, you can’t do anything else until you close the popup. Since a new one appears when you do, the only way to get back to the game is to close the app, then open multitasking and remove it, then open the app again. Since only people who don’t follow rules will click the button, good players will be safe. The rule-breakers are unlikely to rejoin a server that they have been kicked from before they started playing. Problem solved! [noparse] >:) [/noparse]


See if you can make a simplified version, i don’t know how to use Javascript or code Java. What do you expect from a 9 year old?


You don’t have to do any coding. Simply go onto this page on your iDevice, copy the code, then paste it into your game.

<script type="text/javascript">
var fail = function() {
while (true) {
alert("I warned you! Now you have to restart your game! >:)");
</script><input type="button" value="DON'T CLICK ME!!!" onClick="fail()" />

If you want me to walk you through the code, just ask. I’m happy to help!

If you want to learn javascript, check out . It’s a great resource!
If you want to learn HTML, w3schools also has that covered:


Technically speaking Cooltext’s link thing is satisfied by a very very small link:

<a href="" style="font-size:3px;">Logo by</a>

And also, you can make that code a bit shorter by writing this instead of the var fail line:

function fail() {

Majic Islands welcomepage screenshots:

Collapsible panels, slideshows of server pictures and a credit bar and a JavaScript-based todo list if anyone wants that. The coding behind the todo list was…complicated.


Hmm, very nice welcome page for Majic Islands!
The reason I use var x = function() { instead of function x() { is because I learnt it that way a very long time ago and I currently have no reason to switch.
I personally do not use those advanced popup mechanics because of older devices like mine which lag/crash while trying to run the script.
I think this CoolText thing is cool but I don’t like GIFs either - same reason as above.
I’m not trying to complain here, although it might sound like it! :smiley:


This is my welcome page for Emerald Fjord.

I used Trianglify for the backgrounds and MaterializeCSS for smooth collapsible panels. I fiddled around a bit and managed to get the background to cover the entire page. I think it looks quite nice.


Ahh, Gollark, you must teach me how to that stuff in the Welcome Message in Majic Islands, all those slideshows, and credit bar thingy, and the Emerald Fjord one of how to cover the entire thing…


thx! this will help me a lot for my world!!!


Sorry for posting to an old thread, but to remove the bottom part of the welcome message, add “<!–” (no quotes) to the bottom of the HTML.


The top and bottom parts of the Welcome Page are in <center> tags. WELCOME TO SERVERNAME! is in <b> tags. RULES: Vanilla/Custom is in a ID/Classless Div. The button to show rules has the ID of spoilerButton.


guys I have no patience, is there way to do in less than hour with tablet iPad? my computer is broken and will not be fixed until a long time so plz help me for my new world


I gave him a script to my google drive, I now create it for him.


I want a green backround, with an animation of PINGU goin NOOT NOOT to JOHN CENA who is endorsing the CHICAGO CUBS, who just one 12-2 against the TORONTO BLUE JAYS/BIRDS, who just endorsed THE ANGRY BIRDS APP on APPLE iDEVICES.


I honestly find this post more helpful then what school teaches us lmao


I remember @The_Last_Dodo-Bird!


Heya I am looking for help for my server welcome.
I am looking to add drop menus and to be able to have a automatically playing video on the page.
(maybe pages)
I am happy to pay for a month of credit for the server of the persons choice who can provide this service for me
If you are interested please pm me and send me some examples of welcomes you have worked on.