Making a online server



I need help with this. I was trying to make an online server but cant. It wont let me see the prices or create the server.


Are IAPs being didabled?


Do you mean Dadabled :slight_smile:

I am not in any way correcting you, just making a little joke.


I need help,


Are you connected to the internet?


I think it’s $0.99USD for a week and $2.99USD for a month.

What currency are you though? Maybe telling you the price is a better start.


I use USD (US dollhair Dollar)


I think he meant Momabled


I mean that @TINIESTREED @smallreed


My question about IAP was meant to help you. As was GoodGradesBoy’s question about internet connection. We are trying to figure out the problem, starting with the most obvious stuff :slightly_smiling_face:


Is your apple account set up correctly with payment methods?