Making a Serious Return to The Blockheads

So it’s definitely been a while since I’ve last been here. I’ve entered summer break on school and I now have a ton of freetime on my hands, and I realized I still have The Blockheads installed on my phone. I’ve been wondering if it’s worthwhile enough to get my IDs merged and come back to this game (even with the seriously annoying bug of where it just doesn’t load on a white screen for a minute or so). I know the playerbase isn’t as large as it once was when the game reached it’s prime (oh the memories of playing on my server and my friends coming on after school, we would dig into mountains until we reached magma in hopes of finding ore deposits and gems, I miss the old days a good bit). I’m not sure of any way I can get my servers back and working due to the Android version being pulled from the Play Store, but I do still have my near on decade old iPad and it may work on that if it is still available there

I guess this has basically been a tangent on the past instead of what I meant by returning, but I would like to know if it’s worth getting my IDs merged to see if the remaining playerbase is as interactive as the many great friends I made in the past, even though this game is over 8 years old(!!)
Oh and also will there ever be a modification to fix the white screen bug when launching the game? It would make playing regularly so much easier and convenient
and also sorry to anyone who’s still here and waiting on Lunimoor Woods, it ran out of credit and I’ll have to remerge my IDs in order to continue working on it if I was able to restore credit onto it
if this is the wrong place to post this then it’s my bad, I haven’t used any form of forums in a long while


If your iPad can run iOS 8 or newer, you’re all good. Don’t expect performance to be good though. :smile:

If the IPad can run IOS 8, you can still play the Blockheads regardless of it’s age.

Yeah I remember when I used it in like 2017 and joined a server which heavily used chandeliers, the framerate was so bad I swear it was in the 10s :laughing:

is the game worth coming back to? well you’re a bit late to the party in terms of multiplayer but the game hasn’t yet lost its charm, if that’s what you mean

in game multiplayer activity is extremely slow, at least compared to the good ol’ days, but it’s worth exploring at least a little, considering the possibility the cloud wouldn’t be up for much longer

I don’t think so, there is basically no incentive, sadly.

Does anyone know what the white screen is caused by?

I’m unsure, but it tends to happen on 64 bit based phones, it doesn’t happen on my Galaxy Note3 but it does on my A51
It also doesn’t happen on emulators apparently
The game is also way more stable on those rather than my A51

In my experience it happens on pretty much every phone running Android N and above, not sure about L or M (although I haven’t really tested it on 32 bit devices running Nougat and above)

It does on newer versions of BlueStacks, older ones that run KitKat are fine