Making An Amazing Welcome Message Guide


Now since 1.7 changed world credit to buying, and probably thousands of servers are out of credit, your server is more likely to be picked from the Random World option. And if you want your welcome message to be looking fab, you’ve come to the right place!

First is color. If you want a nice text color, but not the black that’s default, you can use <font color=put hex or color code here You replace the Put hex or color code here into whatever color you want. If you can’t find a color picker, try, they have pretty nice colors there.

Now for graphics. Graphics can make your welcome message look AWESOME! A site I greatly recommend is I would remove the link though, on the welcome message, because some players might accidentally tap it, trust me. It happens many many times. Cool text has a lot of cool fonts! You can go thru all the font and see which one you like. Then you enter in the text that you want it to say, then you get the code. You must sign up first though.

For backgrounds, well I would recommend, but it’s a bit girly, so you can use They’re free and easy to use. Also amazing images. Just be careful though, they can make your nicely aligned text into a huge paragraph. Which doesn’t look nice. So make sure to put <br> between all your paragraphs and rules when the background is set.

Now for that really cool moving text you see on different servers. The code is <marquee direction="left" scrollamount="5">(text)</marquee> = moving text
Just remove the quotes and you got yourself moving text.

Hope you enjoy this guide, and I’ll cya l8tr!


Holy cow! These tips are amazing! :smiley:


Thanks, Wumbo!


Can you insert images? Into a WM



<img src='image link'>
also, <font> is depreciated, try using <p style='color: #FF00FF'> WHERE #FF00FF is the color


Yay, this could come in some good uses


Better to use CSS, it allows more granular control and makes much more complicated stuff possible.

p { color: #123 }

Now for that really cool annoying moving text

Also, please don’t overdo the gifs. I have an older device that lags a LOT when people use more than a couple small gifs in their welcome message.


Sorry that it’s not perfect. I’m not that good at html anyways :frowning: