Making fun of "If you see ___ run and call the cops" videos


Geez, they are annoying. What next? “If you breathe air, run and call the cops!”


ikr it’s a serious problem


If you breathe air, run and call the cops!

edit: Just realized people probably don’t know what kappa means but basically it means that my post is sarcastic


If you see a self driving car on your football court, run and call the police


Don’t mind me, just adding to the toxicity of this…

“If you exist, run and call the cops!”


If your crush likes you back, run and call the cops.


here is the most wanted criminal in the whole universe…

Image result for 1p


If you see this picture, run and scream for help.


If you see a police officer, run and call the cops

More clickbait than Ali_A


If you play The Blockheads, run and call the cops!


If you’re not a scumbag who likes to waste the police’s time with prank calls, run and call the cops.

Reality hits everyone like a train


Moved to games.


I don’t think this is a game. Or maybe it is. I don’t understand this topic.


This wasn’t meant to be a game at first, but it turned into one.

Oh well, I’m fine with it.

If you see water in your pool, run and call the police!


if you see someone who plays fortnite, run and call the FBI!


If you see grass, run and call the cops!


If you don’t call the cops, call the cops!


if the cops come for you, call 911!


If you see someone stealing an ancient treasure, call the police.