Mama's Favorite 1.6 Builds


Hey guys,

With the release of Blockheads 1.7 just days away, a new chapter in Blockheads’ story is about to begin. But with this new beginning comes the end of the magnificent 1.6 Era.

I’m sure there are many ways to celebrate and remember the triumphs of 1.6. But since this is me after all, I want to do so by recognizing my favorite builds and art that have been shared on the forums from this era. :slight_smile: These creations simply took my breath away with their creativity, beauty, and charm. These are the all-stars in my book :star2:

Since I can only mention 10 users per post, I had to un-tag some people. Sorry!

Penguin Ami’s incredible Seaside Paradise


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TeenyDude’s Survival 101 Spawn


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@Thuthu and Wicked’s Duomo, Firenze


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@222oreo333’s Howling Wolf


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@Louz’s Lovebirds


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Ghostgin’s Tree of Life


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@Brer-Rabbit, @Thuthu, @Asyc, Jemni, Pickles, and Smokeyrabbit’s Alice in Wonderland Ride

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Acile’s Rainbow Roar


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Cockroachcomics’ Box Challenge


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@Thuthu and Wicked’s Amusement Park


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@Ronnie’s Life in a Circle


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Sammy4th’s Cathedral of Orvieto


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I-Love-Creation’s Master Piece for Dave


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@Jemnidad’s iconic Pyramids Handcar Arena


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@Dancer95’s Crown of Artemis


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@TheBest1Ever’s Lego Blockhead and @Sigilyph’s Blockhead Doll (yes, they qualify!!)


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Now, there is definitely gonna be stuff I missed or forgot about. There are also several more all-time favorites that aren’t posted on the forums. In addition to what I’ve put together, I love literally everything that you guys share here. Please keep them coming! :smiley:

It’s worth noting that since my “favorites” change so frequently, this list may be completely different tomorrow. But the creations I’ve included today really amazed me, inspired me, or simply put a smile on my face. Bravo to all of you guys. Here’s to a 1.7 Era that’s filled with the same creativity and wonder! :sparkles:


The Official The BlockHeads Forums Year Book Of 2018 (By JarlPenguin and TheFoil)

My favorite is the blockhead doll.


Beautiful memories… :slight_smile:


All of these are amazing! Great compilation. Also, @Smokeyrabbit does have an account if you want to tag her for the Alice ride. (thanks for featuring it BTW :smiley:) (@Pickles does too)


Ikr!! Thank YOU guys for making that and you for filming that video!! I really wanna tag everyone, but it’s limited to 10 people per post :disappointed_relieved:


No problem, I loved editing it. :slight_smile:

Edit: Jem also helped on the Alice ride.


Really nice :slight_smile:



Those are all really great builds!! You should also put your Makkah Clock Tower and don’t forget the farewell for ILJ.


Thanks @Brer-Rabbit for the heads up, added!!

@Octo oh yesssss that was such an amazing tribute. Here it is. And this thread isn’t for my own builds it’s for you guys’ :slight_smile:


Hopefully many builds will improve with an easier way to embed lights!


There are things that I look and say “I can do that!”.

And then there are things that make me say “How did they do that?”

Our community is awesome.


You can invite people to tag them as well :wink: (Just gives a notif) I’ve invited all unmentioned people you included :smiley:


Thanks!!! I didn’t know you could do that! Everyone except Penguin Ami had an account on here


Oh, the memories! The 1.6 era is especially dear to me, since I only started playing a bit before its release. I’ve been so glad to share the excitement for 1.7 with all of you, though I haven’t been on the Forums nearly as long as others. I love all these builds, and I’m honored to have actually seen some of them in-game. Here’s to 1.6!


Wow… just wow. I looked at the pictures and I just thought ‘no human can have this talent…’
I feel so untalented right now…:laughing:


The palaces are just beautiful! I really wonder how people did that! Real artists, they are!


1.6 I have so many good memories of you, but just like your predecessors 1.5 and 1.4 you must come to an end and we shall celebrate the rise of 1.7!

(What did I write?)


You forgot about listing my 3x3 clock tower! :lol: