Mandatory WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update Allows User Data to be Shared With Facebook

More reasons to not use WhatsApp?

Signal is reaping the benefits of such a controversial move by WhatsApp!

Signal is my messaging app of choice. My whole family uses WhatsApp though.

honestly used LINE before trying WhatsApp, eh…

WhatsApp has affirmed user privacy following backlash over data sharing with Facebook.

The privacy policy update has been delayed.

Especially at my country, people never care alot about data privacy. Big companies in offline world never care too as they ask people to give their data for exchange merchandise, .

Back to whatsapp, at my contry people like to blow up about WA privacy infrigement bla bla bla…, BUT they share their data willingly at FB.

yeah, everyone adult, to be responsible for their own choise

Telegram is taking advantage of all the panic.

WhatsApp is in hot water right now.

Is WhatsApp just trying to copy Telegram? The folks over at Facebook must be desperate right now.

Germany isn’t happy!