Mass Production of Coffee

[U]Efficient[/U]- accomplishment of or ability to accomplish a job with a minimum expenditure of time and effort
For those who are looking for the most efficient means of mass producing coffee.

[I]Before I start, I should note that:

  1. This strategy is based on my experiences and what works best for me.
  2. Mass producing large amounts of coffee, while rewarding in the end, comes at price. You have to be willing to invest a lot of time and energy (both in the game and out of the game) and/or Time Crystals (buying them or mining them) into this process if you are serious about it (explained below)[/I]

[SIZE=4]Part One: Time and Expense[/SIZE]
You should know by now how long it takes to make coffee, but in case you don’t here are my calculations (time to craft may vary, but only by seconds, due to energy level or if you drink coffee, but please correct me if my numbers are wrong)
[U]Scenario- You want 600 cups of coffee[/U] (let’s forget about smelting tin ingots, crafting/collecting buckets, cups, water, and clay for now):
In my game:
It takes around 27 seconds or 2 TCs* to craft one green coffee bean or one roasted coffee bean:
—16,200 seconds to craft 600 green coffee beans= 4.5 hours or 1,200 TCs
—16,200 seconds to craft 600 roasted coffee beans= 4.5 hours or 1,200 TCs
It takes around 54 seconds or 4 TCs to craft one cup of coffee
—32,400 seconds to craft 600 cups of coffee= 9 hours or 2,400 TCs
Total: around 18 real-time hours or 4,800 TCs to craft 600 cups of coffee**
*[U]With purchase of double-time![/U]
**Remember, that’s 18 hours of absolutely continuous crafting, which we all know isn’t possible. Even if you exit the game, you have to come back at least once every 15 minutes (especially if you are crafting roasted coffee beans). And I can only speak for my self, but I forget sometimes[/I] :rolleyes:

So, if you are looking for the absolute best means of production, you must understand that these are the limits. This is the minimum amount of time and TC usage it will take to craft cups of coffee. Even so, you can only go as fast as you are willing and able to go.

[SIZE=4]Part Two: Less is more?[/SIZE]
In economics, efficiency is achieved through maximum output at minimum input. The same applies here. If you plant hundreds of coffee trees, yes, you will get thousands of coffee cherries. [SIZE=1](A post by another member is what got me thinking about this Here).[/SIZE] But where do you get those hundreds of coffee cherries? Probably starting from one or two trees, then to a small grove.
Smaller groves will return more coffee cherries in the long run. I always stick to around 15-20.
While planting more coffee trees may seem more productive, it’s really not. Why?

  1. Too much of anything will create lag.

  2. Running back and forth between trees and climbing the trees (unless you use my method, here) is a massive waste of time and energy as it is, let alone having to do it with 50+ trees. With smaller groves, you can meditate in between and during growth cycles*. During meditation, your energy doesn’t drain, the reward meter goes up, all while waiting your for coffee to grow. So, in my opinion, this is the most rewarding way to mass produce coffee.

  3. The smaller grove can be maintained for easier continuous production. Trees die, and when they do, you have to go back and replant them. (I don’t know about you, but replanting 50+ coffee cherries that you just harvested seems a bit counter-productive.:rolleyes: ) Or, you can chop each one above the first block (trunk), and keep growing as long as you want. Doing that with tons of coffee trees is, again, counter-productive, because the amount of time it takes cutting them down could be spent meditating and waiting for them to grow again in a smaller grove.

  4. The process of maintaining 50+ coffee trees doesn’t leave you room for much rest. So you either have to break for sleep…or drink coffee while you’re running back and forth, climbing, chopping, etc. *Now, how in the world is that productive? * :wink: I don’t have to drink coffee while I’m producing my coffee, unless I want a speed boost. Which, I rarely do because I know that I will have to meditate soon after drinking it, so it would just be a waste.

  5. The reason my grove works, is because I use lights, campfires, and compost to make coffee trees grow faster…must faster. 20-30 steel lanterns and 20-40 compost and campfires are easy to get. Hundreds of steel lanterns, tonsof compost and campfires…well, not so much. Also, I have found that having a lot campfires and growing trees don’t really mix well. It creates a lot of lag.

*By growth cycle, I mean when the tree has reached the (usual) maximum of three blocks high, not including the trunk, a.k.a. the part that appeared when you planted the seed.

[SIZE=4]Part Three: Tips[/SIZE]
-Now, I’m not here to tell you how much is too much, but I will say that I mass produce about once every month or month and a half, and I stop when I get around 1,600 (400 for each of my 4 Blockheads). I usually have about 400 left over by the time I start producing again, and I am always playing. So, in order to save yourself time and energy, think to yourself “How much do I really need?” For me, 400 for each of my Blockheads is more than enough for playing every single day, hours on end, and I’m not even being frugal. But that’s because I don’t play with each Blockhead at the same time or for equal amounts of time.

-When I mass produce, I get kind of carried away, and I don’t want to stop growing more. So I tell myself “This isn’t the last time you can ever grow coffee”. You don’t have to mass produce so much coffee to save up for a lifetime, just enough so you don’t have to do it every other day.

-Instead of crafting the cherries into cups of coffee, you could just eat them. They won’t give you a speed boost (at least not when I do it) but they will give you energy and are a great food source like other tree fruits.

-No matter where you are in the world, growing coffee trees inside in always a great idea. They don’t require that much height and you can place lights on the walls, which speeds growth time.

-Always grow in compost, but be aware: compost speeds up everything, including how fast the tree will die.

-Coffee trees grow in 3 levels (not including the trunk). Cherries can appear on all of them. If you pay close enough attention to the growth of the trees, you will know when to expect the cherries to show up. If the tree has been on level two (two blocks from the trunk) for a while and cherries pop up, wait a few seconds to maybe a minute. If the third level grows, the cherries will overlap, giving you 2-3 of them in one spot. Don’t wait to long, though, or the cherries will disappear.

-When the tree grows to three blocks high (again, not including the trunk) cherries should appear at least one more time. After you harvest them, chop the tree at the block right above the trunk. This will restart the growth cycle (see above). If cherries were already on the tree when it grew to the third level, you should still chop it.

-Don’t start your grove next to water. Also, before you start planting, test out the area for lag that is already there by placing a bunch of chests and opening them or picking them back up. You can also plant one or two test trees and wait for them to grow. When they are fully grown, chop them above the trunk. If there’s lag, move somewhere else. You could try underground.

-Don’t place tons of campfires under trees.

Please let me know if I need to clear anything up or if something doesn’t make sense, I’ve been writing this for about two months (mostly during all-nighters), and I have just added random things as I’ve gone along. This isn’t a finished post, and I’m going to keep adding tips and stuff or changing things. I’ve just had this saved on my computer for so long, I want to get it out there before I lose my mind. :wink:

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You are definitely the MASTER of coffee.

Thx for the tips.

I only have about a dozen trees and half of them or inside. I get about 20 to 30 cherries each time and use my other BH’s to keep the process going. But I ususally only keep about 30 to 40 cups for all but the main BH and he carries up to 99. But some of your tips will keep my little production going smoothly.


How much space do we need to have from tree 1 to tree 2 to get maximum number of cof cherries

Wow that’s cool! And I thought making 50 cups of coffee was a lot XD So would you suggest dividing the work among all your blockheads?

GREAT QUESTION! I forgot to add that in there! Space them one block apart for best results.

I don’t usually. But that’s only because I personally work faster when I can focus on one thing at once, and so I can meditate to speed up time.

Thx ace,imma make a coffee garden :D,btw which grows coffee faster? Steel lantern or oil lantern and what does camp fire affects to :confused:

Campfires help the trees grow, and steel lanterns are better.

Sometimes campfires burn the tree :confused: hope that won’t happen

Campfires will only burn the tree if you put one right next to it or under it. Make sure they are separated by two blocks of dirt or don’t place the fire directly under the trunk.

This set up works the best for me.

Here’s a picture of the tree that grew more than 3 blocks.

Again, I really don’t know how it happened, but it must have been under SUPER good conditions.

imma copy ur model >:D

this is what i made :L
i guess thats why they burn trees

I’m not the expert here but trees seem to live longer if they are allowed to only grow 2 blocks above the trunk. It puts out just a fewer beans but the life is much longer. But I don’t grow as much as you do. I have a much smaller objective. Ha

It doesn’t matter how long the trees live, because one of the objectives is to not let it die at all. The tree will never die at two blocks (naturally) and won’t die for a while after it reaches three.

When the trees reach three blocks, cherries will (should) appear one more time, and there will be a lot. After you harvest them, chop the trees like this:

As long as you do this, you will never have to replant the tree, which means you won’t have to use any of the cherries you have been harvesting.

Thx didn’t realize that.

Like I said you are the master of COFFEE…

Thx again

after a few minutes,i fixed to this garden :L,is this ok?

Not too sure about the placement of the lights. I’ve always put mine at the top to mimic the sun, but it shouldn’t matter too much. It doesn’t have to be perfect though! :wink:

Thanks! And you’re welcome!!

if u got any tips about things,keep posting it,ur doing a GREAT job ace :slight_smile: