Maximum amount of edits on this forum?


I reach the maximum amount of edits on a daily basis, in my room of mirrors, performing dark magic, but…I always forget to count/lose count of specifically how much edits you can make before it bars you from editing for the next 24 hours. I searched up the number for discourse forums, but have come to the conclusion that it depends on the forum (default is 30, if I recall, unless an admin changes it).

Well, if my laziness is punished and I receive no answers, I shall use this thread as a reminder…and attempt to not lose count next time.

on another note, I can’t choose categories, set threads to any setting, etc. on my iPad, so I had to use my sister’s phone to create this thread.

I also deeply apologize for accidentally bumping a thread, having deleted my post without realizing I had reached the bottom.


Apology accepted!


I don’t see why they would have changed the default. It’s probably still 30. Also, is there a maximum number of edits on a single post?


It’s at the default.


Thanks for the confirmation, milla. :+1:

@bleatingsheep39 I don’t know, it felt like more than 30 somehow lol. Also, from what I understood from this thread, I think you can go on editing the same post forever?