Maximum Crafting Time before your little BH needs Rest

Ok, it’s been a long time since you’ve seen a “Skeeve Statistic”, but I’ve had this question nagging at the back of my brain for quite some time. Finally, I decided to put it to the scientific test.

To find out how long, or how many items, or how much instant Time Crystal Cost, a Blockhead can craft, at maximum, before needing rest.

Time Crystal Cost: This is the cost in Time Crystals you would pay to instantly craft something. In this picture, for example, you see that the instant TC cost to craft 32 steel ingots is 125 TC.

Status: Underneath the 5 status bars of Health, Happiness, Hunger, Energy & Environment is another indicator which informs you how your Blockhead is feeling. It is an interpretive statement as to how the 5 status bars are affecting your Blockhead. For the purpose of this experiment, we will only be considering the states of “Very Happy”, “Tired” and “Exhausted”.
My assistant, Pippy Flatfoot demonstrates her status in this example:

Maximum Crafting Time: This is the maximum time a Blockhead can continuously craft without needing rest. To eliminate Health, Hunger and Environment from the equation, this experiment will be conducted with the Blockhead wearing a Fruit Hat and a Skirt of Happiness. Therefore, the only factors to affect her will be Energy and Happiness (although Happiness will only drop to 50% due to the skirt - so really most of our focus is on Energy).

Experiment Set-up

  1. A Blockhead (named Pippy Flatfoot) will be given 100 Coal and 100 Iron Ingots
  2. She will then stand around doing nothing until her energy drops to the point where sleep is possible.
  3. Next she will be directed to a Golden Ben to sleep and immediately her actions will be queued to craft 100 Steel Ingots at an electric furnace with the materials given.
  4. We will then observe how many Ingots she is able to craft before being unable to work.
  5. We will also take note of the starting Time Crystal Cost of the 100 Steel Ingots and subtract the remaining TC cost at the point of exhaustion to determine a total TC-equivalent production. Also, we will calculate the approximate real-time minutes this takes.
  6. A stopwatch will be used to record how long it takes to craft each Steel Ingot as the energy bar begins to drop and this will be plotted on a simple line graph.


  1. Pippy Flatfoot was able to craft 68 Steel Ingots from full rest in a Golden Bed to complete exhaustion.
  2. This was about 20 minutes, and represents about 275 TC of “Instant” craftable time.
  3. Below is the line graph which gives some telling results on the effects of tiredness on crafting time. Each result is a plot of how long (in seconds) it took to craft 1 of the Steel Ingots at a given status (Very Happy, Tired, Exhausted). Notice how the plot climbs as Pippy moved from the Tired to Exhausted state.


  1. After rest in a Golden Bed, you get about 20 minutes of crafting time.
  2. You can expect to craft about 68 Steel Ingots at an electric workbench without needing rest - if you don’t have to worry about hunger or environment (Fruit Hat & Skirt on).
  3. 68 Steel Ingots costs 275 TC to “instant-craft” them. So, as a normalized unit of measurement - you should be able to craft any number or combination of items as long as the total “instant-craft” cost is less than or equal to 275 TC.
  4. Looking at the graph - it is clear that the effects of exhaustion and tiredness can slow down your crafting times by up to 50%.

Hope you enjoyed this little experiment and find the data presented to be useful! :smiley:

Edit: I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge my lovely assistant, Pippy Flatfoot for participating in this experiment.


Did I miss the explanation if this was done with double time purchase or without?

I have been told somewhere that BHs get more energy from sleeping in a gold bed rather than on the ground or in a simple bed. So I assumed you don’t get “full gold bed energy” if you use the gold bed for only a quarter of the energy bar. Meaning if you’d put Pippy to bed when she is completely exhausted she would be able to craft longer afterwards. But maybe I am wrong on that - I don’t feel like working it out on a spreadsheet :slight_smile:

I have double time I can make 50-60 steel ingots before she to tired , that useing a gold bed I will set 53 so she don’t collapse on floor when I go bk lol

Tested in new coaldust so that I can make sleep make , double done while I away :slight_smile:

Another amazing guide by Skeeve :D, I do tend to just drink coffee instead of sleeping. Much simpler and faster.

No, the energy bar gets that boost no matter how tired you were when you got in the bed.

Skeeve, what about with coffee?

“You must spread some reputation around before giving it to Skeeve again”… Really… But… I want to give rep!

Thanks for the help with making my production line more efficient! I’ve always just guessed and my guesses are usually way off…

Oh yeah, good point Ronnie - I forgot to mention that I have Double Time.
I sort of assume that everyone does but I forget that lots of people don’t have Double Time.
Well worth the $2.99 in my opinion!

Erick - thanks for the suggestion, I will try this experiment tomorrow with Coffee and see what happens.
I’ll post the results here. Unless someone wants to try it overnight and post ahead of me, that’s fine - it’s all science!

Edit: I just spoke to Pippy, and she’s ready to participate in the experiment with coffee! (Ok, now I’m just entertaining my daughter now with this, :D)

I have double time too, well worth it for me :slight_smile:

And, great guide! I’m going to try the different beds thing out of curiousity.

Experiment using Coffee Complete!

Results: Identical!

Turns out that drinking one cup of coffee provides equivalent energy to sleeping in a Gold Bed.
Later, I will continue this experiment with a 2nd cup and 3rd cup just to see if there are diminishing benefits, but I don’t think this is the case.

What about coffee cherrys , I know sleep reduced quite a bit but be interesting result and will show good differences

You should try this with soft beds now that gold beds are off the tp.

Good suggestions guys.
Ok, so here are the pending experiments:

  1. 2nd, 3rd cups of coffee after exhaustion.
  2. I’m also thinking of just simply trying the experiment after drinking 2 cups of coffee, but I don’t think we’ll see any difference from that, but here it’s listed anyway.
  3. Same experiment, but using a Soft Bed
  4. Same, but using a regular Bed
  5. Same, but sleeping flat on the ground.
  6. Same experiment but using coffee cherries. (Question is how many?)

If someone wants to give this a try, go ahead. To be consistent however, make sure you have a Fruit hat, and Skirt. Also use an electric furnace with uninterrupted power, and try and keep the materials the same (100 Coal + 100 Iron Ingots to make Steel)

I’ll get to it eventually. But now I’m running out of Iron Ingots and have to craft those now.

Results are in for Soft Bed, Wooden Bed, and No Bed:
These are all after full rest, crafting until complete exhaustion:

Soft Bed: 48 Steel Ingots, 193 TC worth of Instant Crafting.
Regular Bed: 36 Steel Ingots, 145 TC worth of Instant Crafting.
No Bed: A 28 Steel Ingots, 113 TC worth of Instant Crafting.

Conclusion: Quality of Bed = Quality of Sleep!

I haven’t tried successive coffee’s in a row or coffee cherries yet.

You also have to consider that the skirt of happiness allows you to craft at the same rate of speed regardless if you’re about to collapse or just out of bed; as if you are not wearing the skirt, the crafting speed is diminished over time. So if you used the skirt you should also add that to the OP

EDIT:nevermind I can’t read

:lol: I actually did laugh out loud with that :smiley: