MDC Universe reopened!

MDC Universe is reopened after a big improvement!

[Join MDC Universe here!!!](

Thanks to the help of The Message Bot, my world is now MessageBot supported! Also I’ve created a beautiful(Just I think) welcome message. The whole page is made by me, so if I got any mistakes plz tell me. I will fix it.

Does anyone seems interested in joining new server :relaxed:? MDC Universe is the only server I’m working on (others are out of credit years before) so it would be my pleasure if many people come. We have a system of civilians and citizens. You will know more in the welcome message.

The Message Bot

I leant a lot there. Now my server can react to different commands. I also installed some extensions. The world will be more fun! Sometimes, server will also react at surprising times. Hope you can discover them all!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :bangbang:Warning: All commands are only available when I opened the bot.

The Welcome Message

At first, I daydreamed that I can make an EverChat at the welcome message. However it's a failure work. I understand I cannot do it there. So ignore that part of welcome message.

Discover fun and happiness in MDC Universe! Hope you'd like it! Hope you'll join it!

Join Now!

Thanks everyone.
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I joined

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Would be great if you shared a little more about the server (Theme? Rules?).


oh yeah! This server is related to balance of nature and tech. There’s a little golden village where civilians can live and build. You are joined with 1 copper coin and food. The coin is your money and you need to make your own business with it. We highly recommend you to use your own force to live here.

The admins and mods are welcome to live in our Admin sky town. We are now working on sky buildings. There are art pieces everywhere. There’s a wedding garden and church built by me. There are trade portals and shops everywhere. Not building your home? You can rent Spa hotels.

Want to have something meaningful to do? You can easily get a job here. You’ll be given periodical salaries, not only coins! We have MiniOney to use here(A kind of money).You’ll be able to buy super stuffs by minion tokens.

Want more introductions? Reply below!

This makes me sad to think how primitive my own server is…:sob:

Boohoo!:sob: :sob: :sob:

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Oh that’s fine :smiley: Primitive has primitive’s own advantages.
But if you want your server more systematic or beautiful or you want to develop your world, I’m happy to help you :wink: