I think adding a mechsuit would be a great idea, as the game is going more mechanical with each update (trains, jetpacks). It would be exclusive to a new bench crafted in the workbench.

This new bench would be the mechanical bench and the recipe is:

3 titanium
1carbon fiber block
10 copper wires
On this new bench, mechs can be built and powered. The recipe for a mech would be:

5 titanium ingots
2 carbon fiber blocks
10 copper wires
2 black glass
10 fuel

The finished mech would be 3 blocks tall and have a cockpit for a blockhead to fit in. It would have much faster mining speed as well as not being able to burn in magma. another feature could be mech brawling where two mechs battle eachother by jumping and hitting.

what do you think about this idea?


I think that it’s a bit too overpowered.

i mean, in some aspects it will take forever to get the materials. maybe to compensate you cant put it in a portal chest?

maybe you can only carry one per blockhead. not a stack, just one for each block head. that means a max of 5 per player.

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I don’t know that it’s necessarily overpowered. Limiting a player to 1 per BH would introduce a new mechanic, making it much harder to implement than simply a new wearable/operational item. Would you place one down like a train and then “ride” it? Or put it on like a jetpack? I’m assuming it can’t fly and can’t be worn in conjunction with a jetpack? And it is somewhat limited by requiring fuel. With a jump ability, that would lead to some interesting combat.

I guess it shouldnt require fuel, and to clarify, it would be placed down and then ridden. if you have a jetpack, you can do a gliding jump like a non-rainbow unicorn.

Well, for anyone who thinks it is overpowered, adding in a limiting factor like fuel might help balance it. What if it required electricity? And drained sort of like a flywheel, needing to be plugged in to a power source periodically to recharge?

that sounds cool! maybe there would be a charging block that you position the mech on.

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