Meme War


((i know i ruin memes by explaining but if you dont get it you can credit max 91 days before 1.7 releases))


this isnt a roleplay you dont do (( or ))



120 actually. Well, 119 days and 23 hours plus 59 minutes plus 59 seconds.

Funniest Meme Wins!



I don’t get it… You’re saying you think of using it? I know it’s just a meme and you probably don’t think this way but I’m kind of puzzled. I know that rhymes with the theme song and all.


In the words of the Memelord responsible for the Meme War:

I don’t think of using pirated tc though


That’s good, but aren’t lords males?
Oh wait.




Volcano has joined the meme war! Btw u have to tap the image to see the full meme.


Such beautiful depictions… Botticelli really is one of the greats…




This picture makes me feel emotions I can’t name.


I’ve never felt a greater fear in my soul, weighing my every inner emotion. That painting sees within me, and it doesn’t like what it sees.

ALso tHeRES a bAnAnA


Hey! I decided to make a Funniest Meme Wins! game

All rules of forums apply



This is a duplicate of the “meme war” thread. Remember to check to see if anyone else has made a game before you make it.


Oh ok, should I delete the topic then?


Normal users can’t delete their topics, but you can wait for milla to either close this thread or merge it into the one Destroyer linked. Don’t worry about it!


I actually didn’t link it. Guess I forgot :stuck_out_tongue: here’s the link in case you didn’t find it yet:


Maybe I should tag mills for deleting/merge? @milla