Meme War


She can close it, I’m fine, and I did see the Meme War thread


People, please don’t flag posts that aren’t a breach of guidelines.

I’m not sure if it’s just a glitch, or somehow it magically disappeared.

Either way, if people did flag it, I prefer them to PM me about it now. What I said was innocent, and I find it extremely unethical to flag something that was put as a clean purpose.




ack, the meme has a typo.


Pepe ridge Farms” hehehehehe


Is that photoshopped or is that from family guy? ._.


@Frater_Galaxy double posting concerns me.


No clue. I found it on the internet, @devyn




@Hugo which double post?



Me: I don’t want to pay for tc.

Me: what comes up when I search free tc
Me: types loudly…



Funny thing… i actually joined one of the servers on there. They was like “want tc” me: “Nein” them: “so u want nine tc safes? And u cant spell. Me:”nein” them: “ok here is 9tc safe.” Me: “NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU” dumps them in lava “nein” them:”waaaat i guess i gotta get u 9 more.” Me: sends link to guide to hacked/pirated tcs some random guy: “can i have tcs? I wanna make server” me: “NUUU Don’t do that!” The guy: “ok i still want tc” me:”bad. Bad tc. Buy them or watch vids” leaves and is happy with my work



I’d rather not taste it… magical, but it’ll break my teeth. ._.



Who needs money when you have money safes.


Memers. ._.


When 1.7 is one day away but Daves area experiences a 10.1 magnitude earthquake destroying the computers he had

Me: NOOO!!!