Meme War



The last part is easy, 10 quintillion years.

In teletubbies, purple appears in an average of 18.3% in each frame.
There are 425 episodes. Every episode is about 24 minutes. We’ll assume it’s every second. There are 612000 seconds in all the episodes. 18.3% is 111996.
Our second number is 111996, the times the color purple is shown.

We’ll round each toy story episode to 2 hours. There are 6 hours of toy story. Each second has about 29.3333% of red. Next is 2112, the times red is shown.

Now, a 24 hour challenge that lasts 1 billion years. The length of the video would be 31 quadrillion seconds. We’ll assume that in the video, green is shown 62% of the time. Green is shown 19565294100000000 times.

Actually I quit

I’m not calculating the number of yeses in a video.



I’d rather have no ankles at all so I won’t feel the pain ever again


Theres so much violence going around the internet towards sasuke. what he really needs is a happy little head boop.


i did something to the photo, can anyone notice it?


Yeah, Matpats face is messed up.


Had to join :tongue:



Made by me


I have to put this here. I’m sorry. :^)


I wonder if a fart could be compared to of when an engine is trying to start


Yes, it can be compared.
Want to know how?

The answer

You expected an answer, but it was me, Dio!
Kono Dio da!


It has been announced that the EU has once again banned memes, and no longer shall they be on the internet.


Not necessarily.


it was an april fools joke


How was I supposed to figure that out?


Article 13: Allow me to introduce myself.


When you wake up in the middle of the night and get to taste that sweet night water

Not to be confused ofc with morning water, which is more like this:


Please hold your applause.




Straight away I knew that was the outsiders.