Meme War


Rude post and responses deleted.



What was it about? :slight_smile: I am morbidly curious.


A number of posts were made in bad taste and were inappropriate for this forums.

Everyone just need to remember to T.H.I.N.K before posting.

Back on topic as you were.


I don’t think going off topic on a off topic post is against the rules


That’s not the point, there were some inappropriate memes here.


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That moment when you want to spread communism but there is a word limit


that moment when you copy the entire Wikipedia page as you essay


Copying is the way.


…to getting kicked out of college and fined(?)


Yes, yes it is.


Only true dokis will get this :triumph:



Whoops, I don’t do anime memes. (animemes? No. )


Just got 3 Mario amibos. This is the first thing I do with them

(Thanks NintendoFox for allowing me to steal your amazing meme. Check the original photo:


I’m back with your daily dose of memes!


Meme Creator_1516850903188

Meme Creator_1516850944175


The look on Woody’s face is just priceless!


loving that stuff, @Santeeisweird9_real lol keep it up
Here’s more of my memz



I think I might cry
:sob: :sob: :sob: