Meraki X - Blockheads Server

To start this post i will explain the name of this server a little more to you. when planning to open a server i thought a name that really reflected what the server was going to be about would be best. After multiple suggestions i stumbled across a Greek word, that word being Meraki. This is a word that modern Greeks often use to describe what happens when you leave a piece of yourself (your soul, creativity, or love) in your work. When you love doing something, in this case building, so much that you put something of yourself into it.

I have always loved building in blockheads, from sky scrapers that reach space to fantastical builds that are our of this word.

Thinking back to my earlier days of blockheads, there are a few building servers that have a special place in my heart. Two of these Worlds were Starlight Garden, by Miss Wish and a more well known world, Urbano by MFS. i credit these worlds for inspiring me to making my own building world.

As you may have already guessed, Meraki is a Creative, City building server with cities such as Cosmos, Blue Haven, Marbella for you to build in and explore. You may also make your own city if you wish.

Two other focuses of Meraki is Namgo ball, a fun handcar game, as well as ‘doodle building’.

Doodle building is essentially Abstract building, letting your mind wander and creating beautiful pieces of art, here are some of my favourite examples:

If you haven’t really explored building and would like to give it a try, we offer building lessons to help you get started. Although, most importantly we want you to have fun!

Another unique concept of the server is BP and Builder Ranks.
Builds in the server can be awarded Builder Points by Staff, if you earn enough Builder Points you can earn builder ranks from I-V as well as Elite, Expert and Legendary, along with the title these ranks also have extra perks.

All are welcome, thank you for reading,

Meraki Link:


Those builds look so cool!



I Just finished the Cosmos Railway, so excited to start the city


I might join


The server is awesome and so are the staff


Wicked has been doing some beautiful building the server, just wanted to share parts of his breath-taking builds.




Edit: (serious version of that monstrosity above :laughing: )

When I was reading your op I was so moved and I love how much passion you have for building, this really made me wanna join because when I join worlds I usually get kinda bored and wanna do over everything and can’t stay on just one. You paint a very beautiful picture of your world with only a few words and I’m looking forward to joining soon.


Meraki looks beautiful, so I really want to pop by later when I’m not busy. Is the server searchable? My device can’t access the Blockheads Forums, so I can’t use the link. :frowning:


The server is public, so feel free to join, ask an admin for a building plot in any city and feel free to build away, would love to see you there,


I finally found the time to pop by…wow, the server is gorgeous :heavy_heart_exclamation: And also the builds are huge, and a little overwhelming…I’m not exactly sure which city I should visit next, but I found my way to Marbella after a while.


Cosmos city is a new city, it’s okay to feel a little overwhelmed, especially in some of the bigger cities, The Station for the city was just finished today heres part of it:

It’s probably one of my favourite cities so far, Space and a little metaphysics thrown in there, feel free to visit, and build if you feel inspired to, if your struggling to join at the right time when staff are on, join the discord and see if anyone can come on to give you a plot, if you need anything just ask


Wow… that’s a master piece

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sneak peak of a prototype of a build im making soon :wink:


How’d you draw that?

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i drew it a while ago, on an app i have (pro create) i believe i was using a reference and then just doodled a bit

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Some parts with my finger and some parts with an apple pen it was just a quick sketch, why do you ask?


Pure curiosity.

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Me and a few other players have been remodelling Metropolitan City, i’m really happy with how it’s looking, i hope you guys like it :relaxed:


WOW! That’s amazing. Can I please tweet this picture on the official Twitter account?


That’s amazing man how much I would love to help with some of these builds there always amazing I must say you have some of the best builders I’ve ever seen !

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