Merry Christmas! (Credit giveaway)

So I wanted to do something before Christmas but wanted to be 100% sure that I was getting money for Christmas first (I was 95% sure and was right)

So basically how this is gonna work is say something nice about someone and I’ll choose someone (well a randomizer will) to get a month of credit to a server they choose and it’ll be on the 28th when that happens

Edit: The person who said something nice about the person who gets the credit gets a baby rainbow unicorn (must be on a vanilla server) if y’all agree then y’all can switch


I think @TheFoil cares a lot about his friends. :wink:


I think it’s nice of you to be doing this giveaway


My mom, she is my best friend and she always supports me for everything I do.
Thank you mom for showing me the light out of darkness and leading me towards the right path, you are the one who made me realize my mistakes :blush: :smiley:


I’m gonna just use this opportunity to thank a lot of people XD

I’m constantly impressed by @Bibliophile and @Skeeve’S guides and stats on Blockheads and think they’re both really dedicated (they have been proper inspirations to me since I joined),

@TheFoil never fails to make me laugh with his comments,

@Lettuce is a brilliant storyteller I aspire to be like,

@WumboJumbo and @agentpinkdog are always really nice and helpful to newbies,

And I wish I could @ everyone because this whole forum is my online home, because everyone here is so nice to each other.


I would like to say thank you to those who generously give their time and knowledge here in the forums. It really does feel like a community.


Almost forgot! I’m going to say something about someone real quick then edit this

@PorkyTheChop has been there for me a lot and has had a special place in my heart yea we’ve had some problems but true friends will work past those problems I mean we all make mistakes from time to time but we’re human aren’t we true friends support each other when times get tough and he has in the past done that for me porky we may be having some problems but if you ever need a friend I’m here for you even if we aren’t friends anymore it hurts not knowing why but know I still care and this goes for any of y’all if we have ever been friends I’ll always care no matter what you do every single person here has always got a friend in me if y’all need anything ever

Edit: I did it by post number since not everyone just said something about one person or someone on the forums (that’s ok!!!)

@Hnandj_BML you win so if your mom is on bh she can choose a server if not you can choose either credit or uni

Please tell me before the end of the year though


Sadly, my mom is not on Blockheads,but I am really happy that because of my mom (and you thanks a lot for making this giveaway) is the reason for getting credit of my server.
If you are really willing to help the community please add credit to the server called Mega Castles by £ILOVEBUILDING£ only do when you feel comfortable to do so.
I really appreciate you for giving away the server credit to the community and I am really happy that I won this (I never won any giveaways before).
What a thoughtful gift. I really appreciate this!

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I will after church

Edit: Actually I have time before church Sunday school just ended

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Well done! And thank you to @agentpinkdog for hosting this giveaway:)


I would love it if you would just credit a sever name Shadowverse for 1 day so i can text my missing friend and get all my stuff in the chest

I couldn’t find it

You can’t really ask people to add credit to a private server like that. They need to be able to find it to add credit.