Message bot discord

So I was messing around and wanted to see the old version of the bot, I saw it had different extensions one of them would be the discord one. Anyone know why we can’t install it anymore? Some of those extensions that was removed I kinda want. Any ideas on how to get them? I know if I can find the repo for it I can just add it to the bot but I’ve searched and googled and looked around on the bots developers githubs and just can’t find it. Anyone have the repo or know why it was removed?

Here is some discussion regarding this matter:

True. But still I would use it for management purposes as I manage bots for my server, forever shores 2 and skanky Danky so it would be nice to have everything loop into one handy channel :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I would tend to agree. I would like to see even just one way communication out to Discord so that players or chat triggers can notify me in Discord. Then I could be alerted outside of the game if someone needs something in the game, or if a specific player joins, or whatever. I don’t think that goes against Milla’s reasons against the original extension, the only person it would impact is the owner.

Yeah, Discord has become very popular. For example, if you’re just simply browsing Discord, you can get notified if your Blockheads server is getting raided.

Yeah personally I agree with this. As I’ve been through reports and people have been like “he’s flying” and been like welp too late to find out if he actually was without asking at least 3 other people online -.—