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The rules regarding inappropriate or controversial topics are put in place to keep the forums a civil, family-friendly place where people can discuss various things without risk of being attacked or judged for their views or opinions. I feel that creating a “dark forums” would defeat the purpose of those rules and would be hard to control, which would only create chaos for the community and for milla to deal with.


There’s a place for anything that you can’t say on this family-friendly forum and it’s called Reddit. There’s nothing NSFW about the game Blockheads so there’s really not a specific reason why you need to unload it here


Ingeniare, I think people who don’t want to get offended will go the the normal forums, while people who want to argue will go to the dark forums. Besides, the dark forums is lawless, so it won’t require any management from the staff.

Dreams, I feel the dark forums would help, because there you can discuss what you really think about people on the forums/in game, and you can argue harshly about blockheads-relate subjects. Plus, most members of the community would rather post on the forums then on Reddit.

I don’t think milla would put up with a lawless forums, even if it were a subcategory. There are simply too many things that might go wrong with it.


You’re right. Maybe there could be some access restrictions to prevent trouble, like making the dark forums invisible to everyone who hasn’t been approved by the staff.

(I’m just new here soo I slowing learning how to use forum)
sometimes can be always result from the same topic,but without rules…can bring bad things and good things…

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If you want to discuss more controversial topics with your friends, you can just create a group PM or meet up on a private server in the Blockheads.


The idea of the dark forums is for everybody to hear and debate you have to say. A private message would be for a group chat.

By limiting the dark forums to certain users, you’re essentially creating a group forum. Similarly, group pms on discourse appear as topics rather than group chats and each user can post and refer back to previous messages. So your idea could be achieved with a private messaging system. However, many of the forum rules still apply to private messages so users would have to treat each other kindly and respectfully while they engage in the discussions.

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Seriously? the posts these days are getting more funny and weird


Tell me about it. :sweat_smile:

I am pretty sure it isn’t that simple. Besides, I don’t think some of that stuff is even possible.


Not worth the price to start up another forum too.


Start your own bulletin board if you want this. We are a commercial enterprise, and maintain standards set in the games industry for games that attract younger players. This will not change.


The forums is for discussion of blockheads, though. So maybe use another app for this kinda stuff? Some of us are under 18 and we don’t need to hear it…


Yes, my suggestion is kind of pointless. Thank you everybody for discussing.


You are very welcome. Have a nice day