Meta survey



Your read posts from:

  • New posts
  • Unread posts
  • Latest posts
  • :rolleyes:

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You recognise users from:

  • Their profile picture
  • Their name and title
  • Both
  • Neither

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[Private poll] Do you mildly dislike at least one former?

  • Yes :smirk:
  • No :slight_smile:
  • Prefer not to answer :sweat_smile:

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[Private poll] Will you ever quit this forum?

  • Yes
  • Not yet
  • Prefer not to answer

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[Private poll] Are you likely to ever get banned in this forum?

  • Yes
  • Maybe :thinking:
  • No
  • Prefer not to answer

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[Private poll] Did you ever actually read the entire forums guidelines and the about the (category) category threads?

  • Yes, all of them
  • Yes, not all of them
  • Only about categories
  • Only the guidelines and/or privacy guidelines and FAQ
  • No

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Thank you for contributing or not. I use these surveys to examine and study human behavior for my exams :slight_smile:


Your welcome, Professor Foil! :slight_smile:


Do we really need to give TheFoil a nickname?


what does the :rolleyes: mean in the first poll?


By category.