Microsoft in acquisition talks with Discord worth over $10 billion

I wonder if Microsoft would merge Discord with Skype. :thinking:

Joining MC bedrock games through discord would be a cool feature if this happens

How very disappointing. I was invested in a SPAC that was rumored to eventually plan to merge with Discord. Thankfully I sold since it wasn’t doing anything other than take up a chunk of my portfolio :stuck_out_tongue:

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They’re probably just gonna shut down Skype if they acquire Discord. This buyout I don’t really have an opinion on, don’t have any ongoing grudges against the Microsoft cooperation.

What reason would they not have to merge the two together?

Well for one, discord was built for gamers primarily, and while Skype is just another digital telecommunications application, with arbitrary purposes. Also, Microsoft has admitted that they’re not focusing on Skype much anymore. Even soon, Microsoft is going to be shutting down it’s business side.

Discord is shifting their focus away from gamers.

Where? They are still focusing on Microsoft Teams. GroupMe has been severely neglected though.

Microsoft is shooting themselves in the foot then.


I don’t exactly remember hearing that Microsoft would completely stop their enterprise efforts though.

That does not mean they’re not focusing on Skype anymore.

you guys were fooled lol