Microsoft’s Edge Chromium browser will launch on January 15th with a new logo and many new features

Too bad ARM64 support is initially blocked due to critical bugs…

That’s unfortunate…

Here’s another video that I highly recommend you watch.

The iOS and Android version of Microsoft Edge have been updated to include the new logo and some of the new features.

One problem is that google still forces people to use chrome.

The only thing they force people to use Google Chrome for is Google Earth.

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Microsoft Edge Chromium has been officially released VIA Windows Update.

Reception to the new Microsoft Edge has been overwhelmingly positive.

Download it (it will replace the old Microsoft Edge application and shortcuts):

I thinks OG Chorme kind of a little bad

Bad in what way?

We are talking about different things. One is a consumer product, and the other is an open source project upon which the first is based.

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Currently I’m using on Windows 10 but few minutes until one day I’m using said couldn’t open chorme even download it’s cant I checked the internet after that and during play games like Y8 or .io pages it’s not respond and crash

Another positive article! :cheerful:

Microsoft Edge 80 was recently released.

Microsoft Edge will be gaining a few new features.

Microsoft Edge 81 was recently released.

Microsoft Edge will be receiving some new features in the near future.

I think that people will really like this new feature. :slight_smile:

Sidebar search provides a faster, more contextual way to look things up

Animation showing sidebar search

Today you have the option to look up words or phrases by searching in a new tab. This can make you lose your train of thought instead of helping you get more out of what you’re reading. Sidebar search aims to improve this experience by giving you the option to see results in a pane on the side of the page. Simply highlight a word or phrase, right click, and select “search in sidebar” from the context menu. And if you’re at work and signed in with your Azure Active Directory account, you’ll even see company results! Reading a corporate strategy paper with unlinked references? Use sidebar search to help find the answer. When you’re done, you can close out of the pane or keep searching in it to look up additional information.

Expect to see this show up in Insider preview channels in the coming weeks. Become an Edge Insider to be one of the first to try it.


That’s slick.

I like that, but not Microsoft stuff everywhere.