Midnight Cove Trashed

I would like to personally thank those responsible for absolutely wrecking my server, Midnight Cove. Those who find joy in destroying servers are the lowliest of the low. Spawn, my house, the railway system, and the postal center were destroyed. My collection of objects that I made over the years was stolen.

If anyone reading this has information on those responsible, or are responsible, please let me know.

Midnight Cove was founded on January 2, 2015.

For the past 7 years, the server has seen lots and little activity. In that time, hundreds of players have come through, some to stay.

I would like to thank the following people for making the server a better place:

Insane Foxy
Any other admin that was in the “Hall of Admin Past”

Thank you blockheads community for your continued activity and support. I wish you all the best,



you can ask Milla for a rollback


How’d you get grieved? Hackers, traitor admin, or tricked by someone.
Collection of what objects?
Also 7 years and it gets trashed once and you just… give up?

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That’s always a good idea, but Milla is nowhere near as active as she used to be, so it might take a while.

When was the server griefed though? That might help to provide some context as to what happened.

Yeah, a rollback sounds like a good idea. If you check the logs, you can probably determine exactly when the griefing was done. I hope everything is fixed. Those script-kiddies/griefers oughta find something better to do than to hurt people…

every minute milla spends doing rollbacks is one more miracle added to the world, if one is patient i suppose it’s worth it, but time is money

Went there to visit just now and I can’t even get on the ground from the portal…

Wow it really is sorry I couldn’t build it back but no block no way to get down from spawn sight

Message me with the date to roll back to and your support ID (not to be shared with anyone else), if you’d like it rolled back :slight_smile:

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