Milk should give more abilities to the Blockheads!


The first one here Milk should give Blockheads character a energy like coffee it is good for sport so what are sports here the Handcar, Walking, Sailing boat, Fishing and etc. It’s good to for crafting, mining, exploring, and more. It’s should make your Blockheads fast walking or running when you going something.

Second is deleting the sharpness in your Blockheads. When you eat accidentally a lot of chilies what will you do staying in really cold temperature until the hot will gone I think it will take minutes or hours until the hot chilies gone to your Blockheads because not it keeps hitting you until you die. So I really suggest milk that can delete the heat on our character.

The third. Milk can add to a lot of percents on your health like when eating clocked chicken much same as when you drink milk! It can give you more vitamins since no vitamins here I don’t think I’ll have to suggest.


Milk definitely should remove the heat from chillies.


No, chili generate heat. You can’t make it to cool the blockhead because then someone is carrying a barrel of them down at the center of the world.
Can you drink it? I had never tried (IN BLOCKHEADS, i of course had drunk milk in real life)


No Milk itself delete the sharpness in your Blockheads, you don’t need to make it cool because the milk can really remove the heat from your Blockheads when you drink it and yes you can drink milk in real life even in the game it’s part of the Food or Drink in the game. And of course, chili give you hot what chili ability when you eat them it gives you energy too to eat more with chili but eating too much chili can kill you because of heat so you have to drink milk to remove the heat from many chilies you ate.

Here’s the link too from Cate months ago


I think making your blockhead stronger (taking less punches to break a block) for about 40 seconds would make more sense. This could include damaging mobs and other players.


Yep that might be it making your Blockheads stronger but isn’t giving energy include strengths too? About more power killing mobs and destroying blocks fast isn’t this because your Blockheads fast what they’re doing. I don’t think it’s about stronger I think about how fastest your Blockheads moving.


Would milk have opposite effect of eating too many chili’s? Like if you drink too much your frozen in a block of ice?


No Milk really have the ability to remove the sharpness to your body no need to make the milk cold or whatever and I repeat Milk itself there’s a link above your reply.


Yes, drinking milk should restore hunger and A BIT energy.
Since it was confirmed that drinking milk remove HEAT(and I wasn’t talking over the heat felt by your tongue, about your BODY!!! fool…no one listened :(, but then that is a messy affair), and it was a very good drink indeed (very healthy and nutricious)
I thought it would make more sense to restoe more health than any other food substance.
Great, because then someone is having baskets of them and fighting the cave troll with their hand.
But…what should happen if you are freezing and you drink some milk?


Nothing milk ability to give you energy, health, and with deleting the heat from your body. Milk doesn’t really from frozen food or dessert like ice cream or what so ever the milk is not opposite to chilies the ice might getting you a brain freeze!

Getting milk here from Yak actually or in Trade portal buying them so it’s not coming from refrigerators to make the milk cold, it will be an ice cream milk flavor thought.


Milk should still heal you and increase the energy and make you less hungry, at least. (it’s still a food item)
Use milk to mak ice cream? (made at ekectric stove, we don’t really need a fridge here)
Cool your blockhead…
Yes, the milk should not remove heat, but it should remove the heat from chilli.
Sadly, whe you eat a chilli, it just increase the temperature of your blockhead. It don’t store the value as “getting hot due to eating chilli”.


An electric stove is for cooking not to make the food frozen.
The milk is a way to delete the sharpness to your Blockheads not to remove the heat in chili what is chilies purpose to give you hotness you cannot change that. If you do not eat chili in the first place nothing will happen but if you eat too much it can hit you because of too much hot that it gives you so what should you do to delete it as soon as possible the solution Drink Milk! Done no more should heat into your Blockheads.


Drinking milk should improve food quality, because it’s good for your teeth after drinking milk all food you eat gives x% more health, y% more energy and z% in how much hunger it removes but it would only last for like 30 seconds - 1 minute


Lets not just talk about it here how many can Milk gives in real life, I was only suggesting more abilities for milk can give to our Blockheads a little bit energy because it’s unfair if gonna similar to coffee maybe like the coffee cherry on the milk when you drink and a more bit health it’s just drinking but really helpful. A thing is we should not to mention about vitamins, nutritious, and what can milk do to the body that doesn’t Blockheads need like teeth. And a real purpose from Milk I want to remove the sharpness to the Blockheads so the hot won’t our Blockheads heat too much because of how many you eat chilies. Thanks to the Milk!


can you poison milk to make poisonous pizza?


Why don’t you ask scorpion if scorpion make your pizza poisonous not the milk :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice idea :slight_smile: