Milla I need help


Please PM me, I need my server rolled back and I cant seem to pm people. The welcome message on my server has been password protected. I cannot press “done” when the wm pops up and spawn was grieved. I think the welcome message was deliberate, I cleared all the lists from owner portal but theres no option to clear the wm so I cant join.


Read other posts for about 15 minutes, and then check to see if you can PM.


If you don’t want a rollback, I can bypass the welcome message and remove the pop up if you admin BIBLIOPHILE and send me the link to the server.


Well, the guy (not gender assuming), also got griefed, so it would be reasonable if he wanted a rollback to fix his spawn.


What you can do, and this has happened to me before, is if you have a decently fast device, then try to click ‘done’ on the wm before it even opens and the password can pop up. This will still bring the password up but if u press cancel or ok, the pop up will be dispelled and you can once again enter your server.


Thank you for the help, I used an andriod to by pass the malicious html code, and were fixing spawn. Because spawn is humongous and there is hours of damage done to it it will take a long time. But, I believe I know who did it, The owner of [redacted - NO naming and shaming please - milla], also bibliophile, is there a way to add a feature to the server bot that allows it to edit the wm?


Unfortunately no, the bot can’t do anything that you can’t normally do on the portal. I’d love to add this and will if Dave ever makes it possible


Oh ok, thanks anyway


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