Milla look at it:o


Someone on Skye’s account was spamming a lot and i pm him and i asked why hes doing it and stuff and he messaged me this back:

how do i remove these attached pictures?


Its kinda obvious it’s a hacker, or something similar.
I’d be (for the most part) suprised if its not.


[redacted] disnt see that coming but still pretty sure this account is still gonna get the permanent ban!


It really is sad.
I’m hnfortunately guessing skye will be banned.
Rip Skye’s forum acc.-^_
*you know, the person on this account.


yep its sad.


Hacker on Skye’s account or anyone who hates him on hes account. your not funny with spamming all the people who are online hates u now not Skye but the hacker on skye’s account so stop and hopefully never come back.


yes i wont be coming back after the ban, so will kevin


hopefully Kevin gets he’s account back and he will change the password.


dumbasss this account is getting the permanent ban


Maybe not… if kevin emails the support then he can maybe get hes account back.


i hope milla is coming on soon :slight_smile:


I think it’s a annoying cousin of Kevin…
( Ya , I have a cousin Who if he finds out my password would go like this… )
( if somebody spams on my account it’s not me… )


ok Pikeman :slight_smile: and sorry milla for my bad words. xO


Oh no skye will be sad

Oh, and I’m 9 so stop swearing or I’ll come up to your house and snipe you


Just remember to report it and sit tight :slight_smile: Hackers like this have no respect for the community or the hard work milla has to do to get through all of the support requests without having to deal with problems like this one. Being rude in replies is fuelling the fire, and could get you into trouble as well! (Not accusing anyone on the thread, just a tip in case!)

I do hope there is a way to get the hacker off Skye’s account without a ban, the hacker (whoever they are) doesn’t seem to realise that this community won’t hate Skye forever if it isn’t him causing this trouble :slight_smile:


i know ill probly get banned for a month or two but ill know why.


This is quite interesting. I suppose I should be glad I have only cousins who are in college, and are mature.
Well. This just got less interesting, and far more ridiculous.


Yes Levander… but it was like for an hour or two. now hes not on.


Good job proving that this account is controlled by someone else. The account will certainly not be permabanned, but it will be banned. I assume that the real skye can contact Milla through support email when he can.


Is it worth it to report ALL posts? It seems like a lot. Should I just report the threads?