MILLA MILLA I'm sorry this is inappropriate but I need help


omg I am so freaked out can you imagine watching your own server being destroyed in front of your eyes and you don’t even have control of it? that’s what’s happening to me right now and I need help right now because I no longer have admin and owner rights on the very own server MOONLIT GARDENS which I created omg this is bad you can down rep me whatever you want but I am emotionally unstable because of this and I need HELP

the first thing is I do not have access to my owner account £KAYPOPPY in blockheads anymore since I changed phone now I am using the name £kaypoppy2 but it is only an admin in my server MOONLIT GARDENS but it is not the owner account. So what happened is a bad griefer admin called DAVID III unadmined every single admin except for himself and I can’t play with admin using £KAYPOPPY2 anymore. I need owner username £KAYPOPPY back… my current support ID is xxxxx. my old support ID I don’t remember but it was something close to xxxxx or xxxxx well I forgot. but can you please help me merge my accounts so on my current phone I am able to play with both usernames. because I don’t have access to my old phone anymore. Please help… the blockheads support email hasn’t replied for two days so can you please help??? thank youuuuuuu from poppy please reply this AS SOON AS POSSIBLE sorry to sound bad but this is a very urgent and important matter the server is very griefed because of DAVID. thanks milla<3

Edit: my email is [redacted]

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You obviously need Milla to help you, but she might be sleeping right now as it is middleof the night at her place.

First of all: NEVER make your support ID public. Only reveal it to support stuff, never in a forums post!
And prepare to be in trouble for naming the offending player, its not appreciated on this forums.

You can use the owner’s portal to regain control of your server. It is web based and can be accessed with ANY mobile device or computer as long as you know your password. On that website you can edit the admin list, ban the offender from your server and re-admin kaypoppy2.


I know milla might be sleeping right now but I don’t really care about whether my support ID is publicized I just want my account back so I can ban the griefer immediately and because I don’t have access to owner portal either and because i can’t breathe


Why don’t you have access to the owner portal? You can access it with any device, it is just an internet site


The password was probably changed


I’m very sorry to hear you’ve been attacked like this. Right now I’m buried, but I will get onto it. We can roll your world back to before this happened, so don’t panic. We make backups every day.


omg thank you so much! it’s okay I can wait as long as the server won’t get destroyed<3 <3 :smiley:
(yes my owner portal got hacked too but it was my sister who looked my password lol)

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